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Henderik Roelof “Hans” Rookmaaker (February 27, –March 13, ) was a Dutch Christian scholar, professor, and author who wrote and lectured on art. See Tweets about #rookmaaker on Twitter. Complete works of #Rookmaaker on CD-ROM for £5 – a steal! [Hans #Rookmaaker in Rock and Protest]. Visions: Essays on Twentieth-Century Millenarianism – O livro de Ester: A história de Culture (The Complete Works of Hans R. Rookmaaker, #5) – Naupaka.

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As I neared the end of the book I still had a major qualm to A small book with a lot of excellent insight into art, specifically how Christians should approach and produce art.

Ten years after first reading it, this remains one of my favourite Christian books and I think one of the best rookamaker give to Christians involved in any way in the arts.

Hans rookmaaker livros pdf

Or they think it should be used exclusively for evangelistic purposes. Sep 25, Sarah rated it really liked it. If you’re livrs of them, this book is for you. A fascinating walk through the development of philosophical ideas from the Renaissance to the s as seen through art.

One of the 20th century’s most incisive art historians and cultural critics issues a prophetic call to artists-craftsmen, musicians, visual artists, and others in all walks of life to “weep, pray, think, and work.


For such a small book many profound statements abound. He encourages artists to create their artworks without Ego or expectations of fame or worldly reward, and to use their God given talents to share their creativity with the world, simply to make the world a better place. He distinguishes between Fine Art, modern art, and the arts of craftsmen who create art everyday with no personal reward, but they add to the beauty of our culture just the same. Originally published almost forty years ago, this work has certainly lost none of its relevance for those seeking an understanding of the forces behind the downward trajectory of both western art and western culture over the course of the last three centuries or so.

Rookmaaker helped to clarify some things for me and is written for the layman. His book should serve as an inspiration to future authors who will give us a nuanced and holistic perspective on how different styles of music reflect true and false philosophies.

It is a wonderful book, rookmaxker must read for all Christians involved with some kinds of art. Um livro intrigante, ousado. Rookmaker makes some great points to encourage Christians to pursue art in shaping culture. But Rookmaaker’s point is that Art has not always rookamaker in the hands of the elite geniuses.

I am sure that a person who is genuinely interested in art history and the Christian perspective would find this little book useful and well done. It deals with art’s role yans meaning in this world—both in secular world and within God’s design.


I have long thought God has a Plan for my interests, my likes and dislikes. Mar 20, Johnnie rated it really liked it.

About: Hans Rookmaaker

Browsing All Articles Articles. Christian philosophy and art history. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Associate of Habs A. This assertion in itself might seem a rather odd one to most folks—didn’t hwns problems for both art and culture really start during the 20th century?

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Arte no precisa de Justificativaem que o autor trata do papel do artista, cristos e no cristos, na sociedade. Rookmaaker is not a part of the elite “high art” culture which worships art to art’s own demise like the title might suggest in fact, Rookmaaker criticizes the “high art culture” or “the institution of high art,” as Wolterstorff would put it.

Art Needs No Justification by Hans R. Rookmaaker

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. O livro foca principalmente nas artes visuais. As a musician, I think Rookmaaker’s approach is exactly what the music world needs.

One minor quibble still remaining and it IS a short book so not everything will be comprehensively addressed is that Rookmaaker contends that “Art is rarely propaganda” but he doesn’t both to distinguish art from propaganda.

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