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Hans Henny Jahnn is still an almost unknown modernist. Thus his works can still give the shock of the new that has inevitably worn off in the case of the. Hans Henny Jahnn (17 December , Stellingen – 29 November , Hamburg) was a German playwright, novelist, and a playwright, he. The Ship is a unique book. Reading it is like listening to the silence in the public squares painted by Giorgio de Chirico. Like Chirico, Jahnn is a master of the.

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This is the story of a successful businesswomen coming back to her native Turin to direct the establishment of a new fashion store. Apr 02, Henrik rated it it was ok. There’s a younger character against whom the narrator is measured, an older character who provides a link to the world the narrator has entered, and in the later pages the story’s resolution moves away from the narrator.

Can you imagine two more books just hennj this?

Hans Henny Jahnn

As the preface says: The earth smells spicy of grass and wood, of acrid smoke, of minerals, because a ball of fire is bestowing its warmth. And we are strangled in the noose of the shriveling umbilical cord. Instead, all this mental detritus does somehow complement the narrative, flatter it A ship with disturbingly complicated and secret-filled naval architecture sails towards an undisclosed location freighted with taboo cargo in impenetrable, coffin shaped boxes.


Jan 01, Rob Adey added it Shelves: True, The Ship is a stand-alone novel. It might just be a ship contained in a glob of crystallized amber resting on a mantelpiece.

The sea of light dries up. Extraordinary things are nothing but steps that lead to crime, and the corruption of the senses seems to be the order of the day.

The Ship by Hans Henny Jahnn

Thanks for telling us about the problem. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. But what is surprising is that all the characters’ urgent gibberish seems –just as in a nightmare–progressively excruciating and feverish. Waldemar Strunck thought of his home and the joy of his loins. When could we call ourselves out of the reach of death? gans

#10 The Ship by Hans Henny Jahnn — Hold Fast Network

Bodies that have no weight, no face. There is a ship; perhaps Please try again later. He isn’t freewheeling, either: It was so evil that it went back in time and wiped out the dinosaurs, before jumping into the future and wiping out the human race.

Forces that must, jahhnn course, find a way out before the finish.

It reads as if written by a prison inmate emerging into the night air after having been locked away for yrs without pen or paper.


I can’t find an ISBN on it anywhere. But it was the usual thing to be struck with blindness. Although it is more than fifty years old, there is something very contemporary about the novel. She wonders if she can go on, feeling “an utter and complete disgust with living, with everything and everyone, with time itself which goes so fast and yet never seems to pass.

Why does the ship only get it’s sailing orders by wire A nameless four masted sailing ship with blood red sails, constructed and fitted without a single piece of iron on board.

Want to Read saving…. No law protected him.

Terror is stronger in us than delight” p. Since this three-masted ship had been designed by a competent Scot, Gustav was puzzled.

Most of them will be saved by an approaching ship, but Ellena’s fate remains a secret and mystery. The amazing thing is that this cataract of aphorisms and maxims are not “unrelated” to the story; that would merely be poor authorship. Henn ohne Ufer River Without Banks has about pages of which only the first part is translated into English.