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Hadith: A Re-evaluation is a book by Kassim Ahmad (or Ahmed). In it he writes that the hadith books in Shia and Sunni Islam were introduced without any. Title, Hadith: A Re-Evaluation. Author, Kassim Ahmad. Publisher, Monotheist Productions International, ISBN, , Length, HADITH. A RE-EVALUATION. By. Kassim Ahmad. Translated from the Malay original by. Syed Akbar Ali. TABLE OF CONTENTS. CHAPTER I Introduction.

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Hadith: A Re-evaluation

Kassim was jailed for nearly five years under the ISA for daring to express openly his political views, an experience which he recounted in his book, Universiti Kedua Second University. Luqman Tarmizi rated it liked it Aug 27, Zurairi rated it really liked it Oct 10, There are no hy topics on this book yet.

Prior to the political and ideological conflicts, caused by nothing more than greed and pride, the Muslims had always settled their issues by referring to the Quranic teachings. They created the greatest material, intellectual and spiritual civilization at that time. Lee, Susan Ellen Ackerman – This site uses cookies. A Re-evaluation by Kassim Ahmad.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Soon after this ahmda the factional fighting, the moral decay and the demise of the Muslim pre-eminence.

He ree way too much praise to Europe. Dalam ranah sastera, Dr Kassim dikenali sebagai penyair yang tidak sunyi daripada kontroversi apabila menghasilkan puisi, Sidang Roh dan Jalan ke Parlimen padaselain disertasinya, Perwatakan Hang Tuah yang mencabar interpretasi keperwiraan Hang Tuah sehingga mengangkat Hang Jebat, turut mendapat perhatian.


This was the period of the political infighting and the alignment of the various power-blocs among the inheritors of the Prophet’s legacy.

Kassim Ahmad – Hadith: A Re-evaluation | Hadith Studies

Mohamed Sadik rated it it was amazing Jul 10, He says madahib are sects when they’re simply schools of jurisprudence that reflect the diversity of Islamic law. Thus, God commissioned Muhammad to deliver His final Scripture, the Quran, not just to a specific national community but to all mankind. Mohammad Ali marked it as to-read Nov 01, This should be plain.

God suffices as witness. With this type of freedom thrust upon them, together with the illuminating magnificence of the Quran to guide them, the Prophet and his followers went on, within a very short space of years, to build a civilization that is yet unparalleled in terms of the rapidity of its advancement and in terms of the justice of its laws.

The clearest spring with its purest fount of knowledge still runs straight and true in the Quran, just as it has from the day it was first revealed by God Almighty in His All-Encompassing Mercy for all mankind. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Jul 07, Qistina rated it it was amazing. We also quote Verse of Sura 7 which states that Prophet Muhammad himself believes in the divine words, i.

Rinajohns marked it as to-read Nov 22, Views Read Edit View history. He argues that sectarianism within Islam is caused by such Hadiths, and that if Muslims return to the Quran as the only source for Islam, the Muslims will reunite under one religion as they were once long time ago.


Therefore, Muslim institutions do not appreciate this book. Despite the agnosticism and the atheism of logical positivism or dialectical materialism, there has always been a strong undercurrent of theism running through all of modern thinking.

Hadith: A Re-evaluation: Kassim Ahmad: : Books

The knowledge founded by the Muslims was the spark that would ignite Europe. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. Surely, falsehood is destined to vanish. We can thus denigrate the West. Muhtarr Jallow marked it as to-read May 06, So what is going to replace this large gap in human society?

The example of such disbelievers is that of a parrot; they repeat what they heard without understanding.

For example, most Muslims do not know there were bans on recording and writing hadith, even after the prophet Muhammad died, Hadith collections were burned, some people who transmitted them were jailed etc. Zouhir Ougmil marked it as to-read Jul 09, He has studied Islam, Christianity and Judaism in depth. God said, “My retribution afflicts whomever I will, and My mercy encompasses all things. The Prophet himself told us that his mission was to deliver the Quran, and he himself followed the Quran and nothing but the Quran.

Whatever good teachings that can be found in them — and there are many — we can and should follow them.