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Gurbani Paat Darpan (published by Damdami Taksal, Mehta) is available at Sikh Missionary Centre Shop (Featherstone road southall, close. Gurbani Path Darpan -Book By Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale -Books on Sikh Gurbani in Punjabi – Gurbani Steeks in Punjabi – Punjabi. The wonderful Singh known as pjs on has done the seva of digitalising Gurbani Paath Darpan and has put it on

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I never said Guru Ji didn’t sit on hot plate. I never thought that way. You don’t beleive in sri dasam granth. I go with Gurbani and look at other events too. Guru Gobind SIngh Ji came back too? Posted January 17, edited. This is direct attack on lives of bhagats and their bani. Posted October 9, If Namdev Ji had to take avtar again, it means he didn’t get mukat the first time pafh his bani isn’t gurbqni.

Khalsa fauj this topic has already been discussed gyrbani times here on SA. I can give you quote otherwise. It is best to admit mistake and correct it than put mitti on it. Same applies for Pyara Mohkam Singh. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.


Gurbani Path Darpan

Your logic is extremely flawed. But do answer my post, i think its within framework of history, belief everyone share, missionary, non-missionary alike unless you want surprise us with another set of claims?? Baba Deep Singh wasn’t even there in Gurbani doesn’t say anything about this so we can’t say it is anti-Gurmat.

Y’all should do the same. Also, how did baba and company know these pyaras were avtars of those bhagats? You are commenting as a guest. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Could you please make your statement again and rewrite or ask differently? Warm welcome from Sikhawareness Team Veerjio.

Lets say that according to this theory all 5 pyare were avatars of the bhagats, then you would probably still be asking new questions “why was there only 5 pyare, why did’n all the bhagats come back as the 13 pyare” bla bla Guru Arjan Darpsn sat on plate?

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Bolan toa pehlaa soch taa liaa karo. I have been hearing lots of random and new things.

What psth this belief that is shared? Fateh Anyone know where i can get gurbani path darpan by Sant Gurbachan Singh from london thanks.


However, one thing is clear, bhagats are being attacked along with their bani but the blame is being placed on innocents like me. You need to look up the word harassment before using it in a sentence. We all have to look within ourselves to see if we are truly committed to Guru or humans.

Posted January 17, That is something new.

Posted January 18, edited. I will have to understand your point clearly to answer. Yea, it is Sikh procedure to propagate peace.


Obviously you are refferring to the AKJ view here. It can be ordered online too on this page http: By harsharan Started December 25, Download Centre Search In. How much difference is there in this pothi and the original Gurbani Patth Darshan? This book disrespects Bhagat bani and places question marks on bhagats.