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(1) This Act may be called the Gujarat Lifts and Escalators Act, Short mie, extent and (2) It extends to the whole of the State of Gujarat. commence!. The Gujarat Lifts and Escalators Act, Gujarat Act No. 4 of guj [ Dated 14th March, ]. For Statement of Objects and Reasons, See Gujarat. Gujarat Lifts and Escalators Act, (PDF) Gujrat State Income Tax Act, , Section 14A sub-section (2) and (3) – Finance Act,

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Authorisation to a person for erection, maintenance, inspection and test 3 No person shall be authorised under sub-section 1 unless he fulfils qualifications and such other requirements as may be prescribed.

Excalators or any persons connected with it shall not be in any way responsible for any loss, damage, or distress to any person escaltaors account of any action taken or not taken on the basis of this document. India Intelligent legal information. It shall be incumbent relating to upon the municipality to Lifts and implement the provisions of the Escalators, Life; and Escalators Act, consequent upon the issuance of notification by the State Government under section 10A of the said Act.

On the commencement of this Act, the Bombay Lifts Act, 1 in its application to the State of Gujarat, shall escalatosr repealed: Insertion of new section 63A in Bom.

Full text of “The Gujarat Lifts and Escalators Act, “

PRS or any persons connected with it do not accept any liability arising from the use of this document. In the principal Act, in, after section 1 0, the following section shall be section ioa of inserted, namely: I Amendment of 3. No lift or escalator shall be operated except under and in conformity with the terms and conditions of the licence granted in respect of the same.

No court shall take cognizance of any offence under this Act except with the Cognizance of previous sanction of the Chief Inspector or the State Government. In the principal Act, for section 25, the following section shall be substituted, namely: The fee litfs be paid within such period and in such manner as may be prescribed.


Principal Acts may or may not include subsequent amendments. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

In the application of the provisions of this Act to lifts or escalators installed by the Government, the provisions of this Ad shall be deemed to have been adopted or modified to the extent specified in the Schedule. The Chief Inspector may there upon either grant or refuse the permission to erect lift or escalator. Whoever contravenes any of the provisions of this Act, rules or the conditions Penalty, of a licence or a direction given by the Chief inspector or the inspector under this Act or the rules shall, on conviction, be punishable with fine not exceeding five thousand rupees and, in the case of continuing contravention, with an additional fine which may extend to one hundred rupees for every day during which such contravention continues after conviction for the first such contravention.

If the licensee has contravened any of the provisions of the Act or rules liftts any of the conditions of the licence or directions given to him, the Chief Inspector may, after giving a reasonable opportunity of being heard, suspend the licence for such livts as he thinks fit or cancel it.

Nothing contained in this Act shall affect the provisions EleCtri 2 M 3 not Electricity Act, or any rules made thereunder. Government Esfalators Press, Gandhinagar. The owner or, as the case may be, his agent shall thereupon comply with the order within the period specified therein and shall forthwith report in writing to the officer of having so complied with.

Section 4 – Licence to use lift or escalator 1 The owner who is permitted to instal a lift or escalator under section 3 shall, within one month after the completion of erection of such lift or escalator, make an application to such officer as the State Government may authorise in this behalf, for a licence for operating the lift or an escalator.

Each of the Acts specified in the second column of the Schedule shall be amended in the manner and to the extent specified against it in the third column thereof.

The Gujarat Lifts and Escalators Act, 2000

Short title and commencement. Any person using this material should take their own professional and legal advice before acting on any information contained in this document.


Section 3 – Permission to erect lift or escalator 1 Every owner of a place intending to instal a lift or an escalator in such place after the commencement of this Act, shall make an application in such form as may be prescribed, to such officer as the state Government may authorise in this behalf, for permission to erect such lift or escalator.

The owner of a building in which a lift or an escalator is installed or his agent Owneriogtve appointed under sub-section 2 of section 14 shall afford all reasonable facilities to the officer or a person authorised under section 1 3 for inspecting a lift or an escalator under sections 10 and 16 and whenever ordered to do so by the officer shall, at his own cost, procure at such inspection the attendance of the person, if any, with whom he has entered into a contract for the erection or maintenance of the lift or an escalator being a person authorised under section 13 for the work of erection or maintenance of a lift or an escalator or a representative of such person who is competent to assist the officer in inspecting the lift or an escalator.

Application of Act to lifts or escalators Government The following Act of the Gujarat Legislature, having been assented to by the Governor on the 14th March, is hereby published for general information. Suspension or c a nce ll a tion of licence.


It is hereby enacted in the Fifty-first Year of the Republic of India as follows: The contents of this document have been obtained from sources PRS believes to be reliable. Amendment of section 13 of Guj. Right to enter any building for Inspection of lift or escalator and lift or escalator installation, etc. These contents have not been independently verified, and PRS makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or correctness.

Lift or escalator not to be operated – with Mt licence.