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articles or reviews, no part of this book may be reproduced in any manner without prior written permission from the publishers. The rights of Greg Sharzer as. Read No Local by Greg Sharzer by Greg Sharzer by Greg Sharzer for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. With an interest in Transition Towns and an admiration for E F Schumacher, I suppose I fit the bill of being a localist. On the whole I believe that.

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I believe more and more that the ggeg of the system are not the system. A Guide to Athens Myrto Tsilimpounidi Aylwyn Walsh A taste of austerity, the limits of democracy and the overlooked, untold stories of a country in ‘crisis’. A planet with seven billion people and one billion Facebook accounts should never go back to bartering, surviving on grain and root vegetables all winter, or making our own clothes, except for our own individual amusement.

Book review: No Local, by Greg Sharzer

Marx, on the other hand, defined capital as the power to exploit. Localism is a petit bourgeois philosophy because it avoids conflict, believes in the small scale and most importantly for Sharzer, it is individualist. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. In addition, 83 percent of US small-business owners in a study were older, married, white men.

Cui rated it liked it May 14, The profit is coming from the people who have awakened enough to buy less quantity higher quality for higher price for the sake of the planet. So for now we expose expose expose and awaken by example.


So the more and more we awaken the more our consciousness is in snarzer. It gives a sense of connection to the products and then there fore if large corporate products are purchased the individual will have a greener consciousness and choose the companies that advertise corporate sustainability.

Can making things smaller make the world a better place? Take the Long Way Home 0. Sharzer is a Marxist, and his critique of localism is pretty savage. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What about localism’s politics? Return to Book Page. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

No Local: Why Small-Scale Alternatives Won’t Change the World

Marxism is unapologetically modernist, a big social theory of everything. Everyone comes to market to sell products, either commodities or their own labor. We should stop shopping at Walmart and driving SUVs.

Sharzer insists that localism ends up apologizing for capitalism: Chapter Two looks at how localists have applied these ideas, in both pro—and anti—market ways. Concentrating economic and political power creates inequality.

Greg Sharzer (Author of No Local)

Smaller firms are squeezed between both forces. Go to farmers markets, buy from local craftsman and make change by using your only vote, your dollar. So says the theory. Sharzer effectively dismantles the pretence that ethical consumption can genuinely undermine big business, and there are some interesting ideas on topics like nostalgia or catastrophism. Since the bank bailouts ofgovernments have said that we have to pay for the crisis.

No Local – Why Small-Scale Alternatives Won’t Change The World, Greg Sharzer – Zero Books Blog

Small firms must play by the same rules as large ones, cutting costs, exploiting workers and damaging the environment. Dave rated it really liked it Dec 16, But untill we have the majority of people on a better wavelength we are going to still have the gmo, environmentally irresponsible and chemmy companies making big profits because they are praying on the sleepy people whos stomach are full of parisites and candita that crave all the nasty shit on the grocery store shelves.


Business is reliant on tools and equipment made abroad. I also believe there are many products we should just stop buying. Have you got a Transition initiative near you? Negative Capitalism Dan Taylor A lucid and groundbreaking analysis of contemporary neoliberalism and its devastating effects for young people today.


Their prospects are severely limited by the power of capital. Greg Sharzer wants to read Antonio Gramsci: This is where local participation come in n. People Lodal and profit. They are drawn to individual actions over collective responses. Can making things smaller make the world a better place? To answer your question. Marxism may try, but, if it truly understood the root of the problem, I believe it might well see it in itself too!