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This FAA chart is oriented toward individual pilots on the front and commercial tour operators on the back. Includes VFR checkpoints and altimeter procedures. 10 Oct Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Grand Canyon VFR Aeronautical Chart. Download Grand. 5 x 10 inches. Revised annually. 5. Grand Canyon VFR Aeronautical Chart. Covers the Grand Canyon National Park area and is. designed to promote aviation.

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A tour guide on a tour I took there a little over a year ago recalled seeing one of the VCs yes, a flying through the canyon when a President was visiting.

Flaming or offending other users. Yes, my password is: Feb 23, Messages: This chart depicts how the airspace below 14, has been carved up, including the Flight Free Zones, restricted flight sectors, and transition corridors through the Flight Free Zones. The corridors have hard altitudes assigned, the lowest being 10, feet southbound and 11, feet northbound. Announce your entry and exit from each route frequencies are on the chartand get those cameras ready.

VFR Terminal Area Chart, Grand Canyon

Skimming over the whitecaps of the Colorado, the copilot stayed busy using the map to predict the river’s twists and turns. Looking west, passengers have an excellent view of the length of the canyon and the river snaking through its depths.

That is protected so visitors below can enjoy their Grand Canyon experience. Click here to review our site terms of use. I think I saw one once, as a student pilot; it was expired then. The canyon walls changed from white to blue-gray to brown to red as the various geologic layers, exposed by eons of erosion, stair-stepped down toward the Colorado.

Fly the Grand Canyon. Once over the center of the nine mile wide canyon, we turned westbound, following the sinuous Colorado River, nearly a mile below.

  ISO 9797-1 PDF

The idea behind these zones is to preserve the tranquility of aeronauticql park by eliminating aircraft noise, though I think it would be impossible to hear our little over the traffic noise at the crowded rim-side viewpoints. Did you forget where you parked your car? Look for the lush, green oasis in the bottom of the hot, dry canyon.

Marsh is a former senior editor of AOPA Pilot and is now a freelance journalist specializing in aviation topics. If you’re learning to fly near the Canjon Canyon you might try asking at one of the local FBOs, I’d bet they carry the chart. Aviation Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.

No more Grand Canyon VFR Chart? | Pilots of America

I just got one a few months ago from Sporty’s. Follow this green ribbon northwest toward the Colorado; the falls will be a few miles downstream of the village.

Obtain a copy from your favorite aeronautical chart agent, or order the chart direct from NOAA at or on the Web at http: Continue three miles on the same heading beyond the west end of the Fossil corridor to the village of Supai. Please login below for an enhanced experience.

Safety pilots are nice, but they are no replacement for actual or CFIIs. Stay on the south side of the Colorado to avoid the Flight Free Zone, which begins on the opposite bank. For the technologically challenged, the hrand also provides radial and DME fixes for these points, as well as the recommended magnetic heading for each route.

Dragon is the most scenic. Also, seasonally the exclusion altitude can be raised to 18, ft permanently, if the National Park Service has its way. Spring and fall are the best seasons for colorful scenery and smooth air.

Honestly, though, I don’t often use enroutes, because sectionals have so much more information that sometimes comes in handy. Unfortunately the sectional doesn’t show the “Flight-Free Zones” and the corridors. Turning south over the Colorado, climb to 10, feet and intercept the Zuni corridor as it crosses the river.



Advertisements or commercial links. Sep 3, Messages: The canyon gets very hot in summer, creating lots of turbulence.

Below fixed-wing commercial operators are helicopters. Find the best places in town and the information you need to get there.

Though altitudes and available airspace are heavily restricted, there is still plenty of opportunity to tour the canyon legally and safely.

But what’s an AFD? Is this the one? I haven’t looked at the Grand Canyon on a sectional yet, but I know that it is definitely big enough by far so that someone could fly a plane under the level of the rim and stil meet all of clearance requirements for VFR flight.

So don’t view that blue border around the Grand Canyon as an obstacle. Congrats on the Instrument progress! There are also minimum sector altitudes for different areas, including the corridors, which are going vrand be the main thing preventing you from flying very low.

Once you understand how the Grand Canyon airspace is divided, you too grnd follow the course of the Colorado, see the waterfalls of Havasu Creek, and even land and have a picnic overlooking the Colorado River. PalmpilotJun 2, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Apr 24, Messages: We continued westbound until chartt the distinctive blue-green water of Havasu Creek blending into the muddy Colorado. Kingman is the nearest airport with fuel in this direction.

Hank SJun 1, Land at Marble Canyon, L41, airport. Be charg vigilant for tour operators when using the lower Sectors, since the minimum altitudes there are lower than the published commercial tour route altitude, resulting in an overlap of operating altitudes.

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