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I would like to get a very nice trigger job on a SS GP for the single Ruger forum I found the IBOK for the GP on Google (GP IBOK). I received the GP pdf this morning. I found the IBOK so helpful thought I should bump it back up so others could keep seeing it. Gp Ibok – PDF Free. Download – -. Ruger sp manual pdf ruger sp manual pdf magnum revolver like the. Ruger GP For many.

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Tue Dec 04, 1: Slide the grip part 14 down and off the grip frame. The tip of the pawl catches the right leading edge of the ratchets to rotate the cylinder.

Does anybody have any success stories out there? I Just received the spring kit and reviewed your article again before starting the project. Send a private message to Apocalypse Now. However, like you, I don’t think much of the all black front sight.

Along the lines of Sixto’s suggestion, if I recall correctly the trigger group of the GP removes fairly easily – no sideplates to tap off, etc.

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LCR for survival purposes. In this case, a gunsmith is highly recommended.

The barrel and frame are the host assembly. See photo on page You fingered Sonny for the Barzini people. Join the forum and contact him there. This was after times of failure. I wrote one for the MK Series 22 pistols too. Thread the ejector retainer back on being careful not to get it cross-threaded or tightening it too much. Insert the crane into the cylinder hole until it fully seats.


This will give an indication on how deep the Range Rod has been inserted when testing. Iowegan, Thanks for the copy you sent me ibom other day,it’s real helpful. Pawl is pulled down to reset position. Some rear sights have a white outline blade while others are black or V-notch.

Strange problem with my GP

I took it to the Gander Mountain gunsmith due to my 1 year warranty with them. Wed Dec 05, 2: It’s one of my favorites Chamfering the mouths will not restrict using full power loads nor will it have any other adverse affect. The one thing my Rugers have in common is that they have long trigger pulls when compared to my Smiths. All in all though, not bad accuracy.

Flitz is avaliable from Midway in various sizes. Use a fine file to dress the tips. DA sear releases hammer allowing it to spring forward. With the hammer fully forward, insert the hammer strut assembly in the grip frame.

Look in the slot at the front of the crane. The machined end of the cam is the SA sear. This will serve as a boss or bearing surface and will keep the trigger from moving sideways when pulled. I removed the pin but all replacement sights found are not drilled for a pin.


Their revolvers are due for the same type of improvement.

GP100 IBOK for SP101

Stainless steel is also pretty forgiving. The trigger guard assembly and cylinder assembly make up the rest of the gun. I used the Wolffe 10 lb mainspring and 10 lb trigger return spring. Several other styles are available from aftermarket sources.

Strange problem with my GP100

Thank you very much! The sight plunger part 38 and spring part 39 can be removed if necessary by pushing the plunger forward with a stiff wire from inside the sight channel. Set the trigger guard assembly aside for now. Slide the spring in place then use the kitchen fork to compress the spring. Ruger, on the other hand Push the sight pivot pin part 37 out with a stiff wire or pin punch. Use a kitchen fork and place the tines of the fork in the spring coils near the seat.

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