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The Kodokan Goshin Jutsu was created in by a Kodokan working group to It is divided into two unarmed sets (toshu no bu) and three sets with weapons The intent in this kata is different than with normal Judo practice, in that this is a. Kodokan Goshin Jutsu Kata No Kata. Closing date for applications: 28th January For any questions, email: [email protected] Los geht’s: Goshin-Jitsu-no-Kata Seminar in Varel mit Claus Hillers hat begonnen. Die Teilnehmer sind aus dem gesamten Bundesgebiet angereist Vielen.

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What I call into question is the reasonable reality of general judo pupils learning and spending some goshih per year on a set of exercises called Kodokan goshinjutsu that are not today even close to being modern and the most effective against todays attackers? Uke holds his arm with the knife out of reach for Tori, so Tori has to attack the other arm, force Uke down and controls his movements, keeping his body always in distance to Ukes right goshhin.

If you want a piece of advice i would say: There were at least 25 members on jktsu committee but it varied in size over the three years that it took to complete the task. This could be said of the kime no kata BUT as I have written gosbin kime no kata is a group of techniques wrapped around a frame of principles that ensure the practitioners learn a core set of basic skills.

Video of Goshin Jutsu by two experts from the Kodokan.

CK sensei, I don’t drink anything that contains caffeine. I am asked why we do this and not that and I cannot answer these kitsu questions. I would be willing to bet that many judoka have said that about kata before. This would imply that the Kodokan did not initially intend that it be a kata but rather a collection of self-defence techniques grouped together to represent defences voshin several kinds of attack which were more contemporary than some of the Kime-No-Kata.


Total Crazy Rant about Kodokan Goshin jutsu

They all did excellent katame-waza, but their newaza sucked. This does not even come into the equation here.

Retrieved from ” https: The techniques are not effective in terms of goshinjutsu and flawed technically that is a generalisation, sorry.

Anyone have a preferred source for the wooden weapons? This is in part the teacher’s failing. I don’t feel any better after my ogshin either I understand it, can defend its position in judo, see its relevance to judo and enjoy its rich history and the vital underlying principles it teaches.

Obviously, I jest, but I do have similar thoughts about teaching Kime-no-kata before Kodokan Goshin-jutsu at times.

Kodokan Goshin Jutsu – Wikipedia

You point out that every kata has a principle “has a specific theme enrolled in specific principles. In terms of tsukkake I am well aware of its nature. I do hope that my rant doesn’t offend those who enjoy this kata THAT is not in the least my kta. Even though I dislike kata guruma I can defend the teaching of the waza and its core use in randori and shiai.

Instead of attacks with swords, the kata contains defences against attacks with stick and pistol. In kime-no-kata, you are in a set position, there aren’t really any distant attacks goshij for one fist attack and one sword attack.


I think it reasonable to write that Ueshiba taught principles rather than direct techniques? I have never taught judo kata as an exercise to enter competition and am not about to start and really didn’t want to even go there.

Kodokan Goshin Jutsu

Kodokan goshunjutsu is an aggregation of self-defence techniques. It is that discussion that I am looking for. No one could write that I am not a most ardent supporter of a balanced judo curriculum that includes the jitsj of kata. In a real situation you will always use something that is more natural for you.

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but kataa way wdax explained tsukkake, even though very concisely, contains more substance than what most teachers do or say.

Posts Topics Advanced Search. With respect to CK though we do not enjoy the full time dojo of the pre WW11 kodokan with judoka or the pre WW11 dojo of the DNBK where the students where full time 18 hours per day bugei and budoka. Do whatever you want, but let whatever you learn help and prepare you so that at least you have a selection of choices to pick from in order to do whatever you want.

Kote, yubi waza et al, are not new to me, they are as comfortable with me as is ogoshi and kesa gatame. Most of the techniques tori uses for defence are considered illegal in judo competitions shiai and randoriand are therefor not known to many judoka.