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17 items The tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire highlighted the deep issues faced by social housing in the UK and sparked an outcry of discussion. In particular. 12 Oct Guidance Note 3 Inspection & Testing 17th I EE Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition BS Requirements for Electrical. 8 Nov Hi I am newbie at the Testing and Inspection of Electrical systems. I have bought lots of books including: OSG, IEE, GN3, and Testing of.

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Have you thought about doing the or courses??? Y o j should have received an original Certificate and the contractor should have retained a duplicate Certificate. For these specialised systems, the designer and client will advise of, and agree, the necessary effective and continuing supervision.

The line connection in socket-outlets and similar accessories must be connected to the line conductor. Earth e l e c t r o d e resistance The earth electrode resistance of TT installations must be measured, and normally an RCD tseting required. There will be some instances where the designer has specified requirements which are particular to the installation concerned.

Fo r ring circuits, if the test required by Regulation The person ordering the work should be informed of this recommendation without delay.

gn3 inspection and testing

Only in a Schedule of Test Results associated with a Periodic Inspection Report is it acceptable to record incorrect polarity. The certificate may also be used for the replacement of equipment such as accessories or luminaires, but not for the replacement of distribution boards or similar terns. SELV – an extra-low voltage system which is electrically separated 6 f’om Earth and from other systems unspection such a way that a singlefault cannot give rise to the risk of electric shock The particular r9quirements inspectiob the Regulations must be checked see Section 2.


Introduction i The Electrical Installation Certificate required by Part 6 should be made out and signed or otherwise authenticated by a competent person or persons trsting respect of the design, construction, inspection and testing of the work. Neither BS nor the Guidance Notes are design guides. Before measurements are made, the surface being tested is cleaned w i t h a cleaning liquid.

All flexible cables other than those feeding Class II equipment must be inspected to ensure that they contain a Drotective conductor for use as an equipotential bonding conductor. All socket-outlets must be inspected to ensure that the protective conductor contact is connected to the equipotential bonding conductor. Measures must be taken to ensure that the local equipotentiel bonding conductors are not connected to Earth either directly or unintentionally via the exposed and extraneous-conductive parts to which they are connected.

The colour combination green and yellow is only to be used for protective conductors. Connection to the temporary spikes is made as shown in Figure 2.

Inspection and Testing

The measuring equipment should not be damaged nor should the user be exposed to danger in situations where the measuring equipment is connected to per cent of the rated system voltage or to per cent o: These values can then be compared with the relevant maximum Zs values given by Regulation The distance between the test spikes is important.

Fo- safety reasons, the electrical installation will need to be inspected at appropriate ntervals by a competent person.

Of course the Ring Final Circuit will have to have a proper 3 step set of tests. For an addition or alteration which testibg not extend to the introduction of new circuits, a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate may be used.

Solid objects exceeding 12 mm in diameter’. The assessor will have an extensive tick sheet to complete so that he can note what you did during your exercise. The res stance is measured between the test electrode and the main protective conductor of the installation. For reliabilty in service the yesting of any Earth electrode should oe below f2.


GN3 Inspection & Testing Smaller

Purpose for which this Report is required: Tippexing your mistakes is less than ideal. For example, the intended impedances may be different from those in BS The test requires the use of t w o temporary test spikes electrodesand is carried out in the following manner.

The original Certificate is to be given to the person ordering the work Regulation The impedance reading taken is treated as the electrode resistance. All simultaneously accessible exposed conductive parts and extraneous conductive parts should be interconnected by equipotential bonding conductors. Yes, my password is: Ipf ,2 note 6 External loop impedance. Date of last inspection: As far as reasonably practicable, an inspection shall be carried out to verify: A ‘Periodic Inspection Report’ should be issued for such a oeriodic inspection.

Z e at origin. Page I of Guidance Note 3: Of course you will for the most part be working on a dead board so safety during dead testing is virtually a given. This Certificate is intended to be issued only fo r a new electrical installation or for new work associated with an addition or alteration to an existing installation. Single signature Electrical Installation Certificate Where design, construction, inspection and testing are the responsibility of one person, a certificate with a single signature may replace the multiple signature form.

You may need to study it a bit more because you are new to the game, and also try get some practical experience with someone who can show you the way.

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