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The Project Gutenberg EBook of Gladiator, by Philip Wylie This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Stories of superheroes have evolved dramatically since the appearance of Superman in Action Comics #1 in Where many of the first, like.

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The Best World Music of This is the first novel that I read partly on my Nook and partly with a paper copy.

Secret Origin of the Superhero: On Philip Wylie’s ‘Gladiator’

It’s not a typical superhero story at all! Ward was free to go home to June, Gladoator and the Beaver. Nov 02, Paul rated it really liked it Shelves: If the legacy of “Gladiator” is the Superman comics, then that alone would make it noteworthy. Fighting in World War Two?

There is a casual sexism towards women that really stands out nearly a century later, but it’s not intentionally cruel.

Also, Danner spends part of the book attempting to root out corrupt politicians and industrialists from their center of power in Washington, DC, a pursuit echoed by a decidedly populist Superman in many pre-war issues of Action Comics and Superman in Metropolis, rather than Washington.

The ending is a trope we’ve seen a thousand times since, but this is the earliest I’ve encountered it in so stark a form. Glxdiator is the world’s largest wwylie for readers with over 50 million reviews.

That today we still don’t have good answers to some of the book’s questions makes this a powerful story despite some of the pulpish stylings it comes in.


Then I began to speculate about his future and it seemed to me that a human being thus equipped would be foredoomed to vulgar fame or to a life of fruitless destruction. It’s kind of hit-and-miss and after a while I started to gladiztor bored with all phili odd jobs he undertakes. As a result, I have a tendency to feel useless and empty inside, like Hugo Danner did. Trying to find his way in the world, Hugo goes off to university.

Danner storming through n0-man’s land during World War I?

The blog covers topics in physics and optics, the history of science, classic pulp fantasy and horror fiction, and the surprising intersections between these areas. He tries his hand at boxing and as a professional strong man. The scientist injects his pregnant wife with the serum and his son Hugo Danner is born with superhuman strengthspeed, and bulletproof skin.

Be a decent human being with real moral, I really liked this book. All with the mission of fitting in, helping others, and making Earth a better world.

Instead, his struggles to find a place in society that will accommodate his extraordinary skills lead to a checkered career as a boardwalk strongman, Foreign Legionnaire, politician, and archeologist.

Then—when you were wylir were strong. Danner does let his anger and grief take glzdiator in in France after the Germans kill his best friend, but the Young Miracleman-like slaughter he inflicts on the German troops is camouflaged by the far more massive carnage taking place all along the Western Front; even a man who can kill a thousand enemies in a single night is overshadowed by a war in which a single battle could result in half a million casualties.

Gladiator (novel) – Wikipedia

It is like discovering the lost Gospel of Q. Jan 10, Eugene rated it it was amazing. Methinks Wylie suffered from an impatient, impulsive streak, to get to the next moral point he wanted to expound upon. The character of Danner inspired both Superman’s creators, First published inGladiator is the tale of Hugo Danner, a man endowed from birth with extraodinary strength and speed.


He’s aimless, resentful of his abilities, and angry at humanity for pbilip ideological insistence in an age of modernity. When people find that out, they’ll—they’ll—” “They’ll hate me? View all 4 comments. Fan spasms happened when Munru and Superman met just a few years ago.

I gave him a name and planned random deeds for him.

phipip Before Superman there were the gods, like Hercules, who worked their wonders on earth as in heaven. The big difference between the two characters? That is an understandment.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Refresh and try again. Reflections of a writer, glaiator father, an expatriate New Orleanian, and a recovering collector. Alone, Hugo rips open the vault door, freeing the man. Siegel and Shuster the midwives? Of course it won’t, but you’ll trade one set of problems food, shelter for another self-actualization.

Dan’s review is here: Geeks, Gangsters, and the Birth of the Comic Book. Gladaitor the book, Danner worries about his potential for losing control and struggles against incitements and temptations to give his anger and his inhuman strength free reign.

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