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The City of Edinburgh Council’s Files and documents available for download within following categories, Social care and health, Children and families, GIRFEC. The City of Edinburgh Council download – Supporting child planning documents | Social care and health | Children and families | GIRFEC. Aberdeenshire GIRFEC Guidance & Operational documentation The guidance document is followed by 4 appendices with additional.

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Renewing Scotland’s Public Services: Children and Young People Scotland Act: Accessed August 25, It remains to be seen whether full implementation of GIRFEC will result in the improved outcomes for all children and families that the Scottish government docunent, to ensure that Scotland becomes the best country for children to grow up in. Arguably, the Named Person work is being done already; formalizing it has fueled the debate, which has led to conflicting interpretations of what the role will mean in virfec.

GIRFEC Approach Toolkit

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The importance of resilience girffc child placement practice and planning. National Records of Scotland. Burgess C, Stone K.

Yet there are some inherent tensions and uncertainties in the GIRFEC framework and associated legislation, which if not satisfactorily resolved, have the potential to limit the effectiveness of the policy, with negative implications and unintended consequences for agencies, professionals, and children and families.


Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer: As Scotland’s administration has developed and matured, it has looked to new policy strategies to tackle Scotland’s socioeconomic issues, 27 based on an aspirational approach. Robertson AS, Haight W. Jimmy Reid Foundation; This change ensures that responsibility for the role and actions of the Named Person lies with the agency providing the service, not with individual practitioners.

Integrated Children’s Gircec in Scotland: Scott G, Wright S.

Getting it Right for Every Child – Children and Young People’s Services MKN

Constructions of family support: Devolution encourages policy divergence by allowing territories to develop policies that are tailored to their particular socioeconomic conditions, although at the same time devolved territories are subject to policy convergence documeent to ensure that their policies do not contradict those of the central state.

In Scotland what can only be described as a hybrid child welfare approach has emerged. Complexity notwithstanding, these policies embody Scotland’s strategic approach to children and families, 28 that, it can be argued, represents a unique, hybrid child welfare model which by girfwc very nature is difficult to classify within traditional taxonomies.

Stradling B, Alexander B. When policy ambitions are high, however, turning aspiration into action is a challenge. Messages from Pathfinders and Learning Partners.


Reflections on Scottish experience. Scotland is in a potentially strong position to improve the lives of its children, particularly those whose lives are affected by structural disadvantage and family problems. However, this distinctly Scottish approach to child welfare and protection is not new; arguably, it dates back vocument least 50 years to the publication of the influential Kilbrandon Report 39 and the development of the Children’s Hearings System.

Aldridge H, Kenway P. Acknowledging the diversity in different parts of the country, the GIRFEC framework does allow some local flexibility to fit in with existing local structures. A confident and competent workforce across all services for children, young people, and their families. Miller L, Hevey D, eds.

As a national transformational initiative, the GIRFEC approach represents the current and future direction of children’s policy in Scotland. A common approach to gaining consent and to sharing information where appropriate. University of Illinois; Accessed January 16, ddocument Despite persistent health inequalities and intergenerational deprivation, the Scottish government aspires for Scotland to be the best country for children to grow up in.

Tackling health inequalities in Scotland: