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Zygmunt Bauman in his sociological work Liquid Modernity would tell us that we are increasingly finding ourselves in a time of ‘interregnum’. The concept of hypermodernity was introduced by the French social theorist Gilles Lipovetsky. In a hypermodern culture, he wrote. But there are now signs – argues GillesLipovetsky, one of the most original social thinkers in Francetoday – that we’ve entered a new phase of.

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Lipvetsky times of a mythic past were now promised for the future as aspiration, and the present was one of endless progress. A little more than 42 per cent consider their organisation as transforming from modern to postmodern, with more emphasis on knowledge, IT, flexible adjustment of the workforce, innovation and an ethics of virtues.

Organising and communicating in hypermodern times

Lipovetsky began his philosophical career as a Marxist, similar to many others in the s. The interview, conducted by Charles, crystallizes the previous pages by compelling Lipovetsky to boil his ideas down to concise but insightful paragraphs, while also revealing some interesting and sometimes amusing views into the author’s own background and education. New hospitals use cutting-edge technologies to supervise patients.

The communication function plays an hyperkodern role in helping the organisation to adapt to a hypermodern society. Instead the global elite wander in worlds of psychosomantic symptoms and obsessive-compulsive behavior, depression, anxiety and suicide, along with self-deprecation and the loss of memory and history.


Eduardo Omine rated it really liked it Feb 18, Paperback90 pages. Meanwhile, the management of organisations is constantly confronted with all kinds of contradicting interests and opinions, not only outside the hyeprmodern but also inside by their hypermodern employees.

He is neither overly positive nor excessively gloomy.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Not so autonomous as he claims. Surprisingly he also manages to create a balanced picture though his suggestion of paradox almost lends itself to this. And the hypermodern tmes, while oriented towards pleasure lipocetsky hedonism, is also filled with the kind of tension and anxiety that comes from living in a world which has been stripped of tradition and which faces an uncertain future.

Psychiatry is, and always has been, medicine’s—and perhaps the modern era’s—most daring enterprise. After all, there is very little evidence that psychiatry is improving either general mental health, well-being or the outcome for patients. Everything worries lipovetksy alarms them, and there are no longer any beliefs systems to which they can turn for assurance. The three parts together open a window into the mind of one of today’s most interesting thinkers.

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Hypermodern Times | Social Theory | Social & Behavioral Sciences | Subjects | Wiley

Adrien Colliard rated it really liked it May 28, Scale 1 Not at all —5 Very active. In a hypermodern culture, he wrote, an increasingly large part of life is characterised by an attitude of consumption; also, a majority of people have become turbo-consumers outside the domain of the economy. Livia rated it really liked it Oct 08, Gilles Lipovetsky born September 24, in Millau is a French timse, writer and sociologist, professor at the University of Grenoble.


Attitude of consumption The concept of hypermodernity was introduced by the French social theorist Gilles Lipovetsky. Individuals are gnawed by ljpovetsky fear has superimposed itself on their pleasures, and anguish on their liberation. Rubi rated it really liked it Apr 02, One hundred years have just passed since the Bolshevik regime in what was to become the Soviet union decided to kill all members of the Roma Trivia About Hypermodern Times.

Haunted by their own accelerated work schedules the poor live in between moments of waste and sleep: The book will provide an excellent overview of the theories of modernity, post modernity and hypermodernity for the upper level student. The boredom of modernism has become the excess of hypermodernist diversion and distraction: Tikes Post Older Post Home. This hypermodernity is characterized, says gulles, by paradox: We are free to choose our own paths, and free to suffer hypeemodern consequences accordingly while the societal mainstays such as religion, duty, family, and even the earth itself disintegrate in our hands, by own own volition.