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Get the guaranteed best price on Powered Mixers like the Soundcraft GigRac Powered Mixer at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free shipping on. finish that gives the GigRac its tough and unique look. Amplifier Power Ratings. GigRac GigRac 1 x W @ 4 Ohms. 2 x W @ 4 Ohms. 1 x W. GigRac (W), and the £ GigRac (2xW) as tested. Setting up GigRac really is effortless and in many respects can be compared to the simple.

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Sziklai offers some benefits over Darlington as they are less prone to thermal runaway. This high resistance will further reduce 60 amount of Mains Current from entering the GigRac This product hasn’t received any reviews yet.

I am impressed with the GigRac It’s drawbacks are few but here they are: As current flows though TH1, it will heat up. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.

Soundcraft Gigrac 600 2x300wpc 8 Input Powered Mixer With Digital

Posted on Feb 23, Be the first to answer. The thing to like most about this portable PA head is it’s portability, weight, and definitely it’s sound quality. Under no circumstances must repairs be attempted on the GigRac unless by a qualified technician. Without them, the power supply, namely the power transformer and filter capacitors, will draw very high current when the GigRac is powered up. This will in turn blow the fuse F1. I’ve used higrac different portable PA heads and I’ve liked a good many of them ggrac the Soundcraft has that extra little bit of cleanliness and quality that sets it apart from the crowd.


Fig 2 is the schematic of the Current Limiting section. Fig 4 — GigRac Heatsink. We also have an 6600 cover you can get for it.

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Recent Popular Answered Unanswered. One of my biggest complaint with the box type powered PA mixers is the lack of individual channel metering. Soundcraft GigRac This review is for educational purposes only.

Answered on Jan 22, Soundcraft Music Answered on Nov 09, The end result is No Smoke, No Fire. My son’s drum teacher asked me to help him find a powered mixer for his jazz quartet. This should get you a girac way in to finding the fault. The other two are quite standard items. The components enclosed by the thick white line top right corner are for InRush Current Limiting.

Soundcraft Gigrac Mixer – USED – Nannicola Inc

Main and monitor section each have a small graphic eq section with some sort of feedback sensing band illuminators that may also be helpful to him. So I know what you are going through. I can shoulder carry it and two stands and put my speakers on a hand truck – one trip wonder! The common method for Over Temperature Protection is to use a bimetal thermal circuit breaker on the heatsink.

The difference is with a compressor, the line signal is lowered whereas over here, it is through the amplifier gain structure. The GigRac has a built in case and weighs 22 lbs. The GigRac will draw high current instantly. If you have to use a powered mixer, the Yamaha EMX isn’t too bad.


Please call for details. Posted on May 10, Be the first to answer. Unlike most power amplifiers, the signal from the mixer enters the Inverting Input TR5 of the 1st stage 60. This review is for educational purposes only. Answered on Jan 16, Its got a monitor send, FX, its overall pretty good for small stuff. I don’t want to lug the big rig out for low key jobs. Also the actual power amp section gjgrac very clean as well! Posted on Jan 16, Be the first to answer. Soundcraft is a very reputable company and this unit lives up to their reputation.

Same amp as the XR A fan is used to extract the heat away.

It is well designed electronically and the modules within are easy to disassemble. Posted on Sep 03, Be the first to answer. This will be much appreciated by musicians.

Soundcraft GigRac 600 Technical Review

To protect itself, the Triac TR3 is automatically shuts off. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Also check that the power cord is fully seated Soundcraft GigRac Technical Review. Posted on Aug 31, Be the first to answer.