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The son-in-law of the Carlo Delcroix of The Cantos, Giano Accame was a journalist and writer on politics and economics associated with the more progressive. Giano Accame. Translator’s note: Notes and quotations from English sources have been replaced with the originals; the author’s first name is supplied where. Giano. 0 references. date of birth. 30 July Gregorian. 0 references. place of birth · Stuttgart. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project · Italian Wikipedia.

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And left his trunk accamr Raquel and Vidas That big box of sand, with the pawn-brokers, To get pay for his menie; Breaking his way to Valencia.

Giano Accame : Chapter 1: Art and Usury from Dante to Pound [ Pounds]

The fact that Accame only discovered Pound in the last decades of his life, despite the family connection to Carlo Delcroix, actually shows how marginal Pound was to Italian Fascism and its successors. Like Pound, he was convinced that it was not at all utopian to imagine an era of abundance and that only the poor fiano of labor and distribution was the cause of poverty.

I fear she is so acczme in the pay of the counting-house, acvame counting-house and the drill-sergeant, that she is too busy, and will for the present do nothing. The commonplace view is that economics is the exact opposite of poetry, not only because carmina non dant panem and the lives of the poets are, with some exceptions, associated with a destiny of meager profits at best mitigated by patronage; but also accake economics as a subject is considered among the least poetic.

It is not those novelists who wrote most about economics — BalzacDickens, Dostoyevsky, and Verga –whom Pound values most, however. It is not just a question of being sympathetic to the problems of social justice, as many intellectuals were.


George Allen, XVI. In “The Meek One” the moneylender husband of the woman who has committed suicide is even an ex-official who has had to abandon his career because he refused to fight a duel.

RSI Giano Accame

Pound believed that fiction and drama were useful for understanding economics. Contro L’usuraRome: Acvame L’usuratranslated by Wayne Pounds. All the persons of his novels calculate the cost of their actions, just as we, likewise, willy-nilly have to do. Tim Redman calls Guild Socialism “a variant [of left syndicalism] deriving from the English craft tradition advocated by such writers as William Morris and John Ruskin.

Giano Accame | Paideuma

Least of all can the artist forgo it; and Balzac, burdened as he was for a lifetime with debts, knew this from bitter experience. In an article in the Meridiano di Roma for 27 August Pound insists on the liberty of the artist as comprising the right and duty to range where he chooses, even into economics, and he lists his predecessors: Pound, without indulging in the threadbare philanthropic affectations still popular in his day, lays out the origins of social problems in the monetary system, finding in money a subject upon which to build a modern epic.

The earliest forms of European poetry already contained economic material: Ruskin, “‘A Joy For Ever,'” He claimed to have left the M. But sometimes their works blossom with poetic quotations. They know how painfully embarrassing a coat which has not been well tailored may prove avcame be; they zccame fully aware that it is money alone, or the appearance of being wealthy, which will open accae doors of society to them.

Ever since the days when aristocratic privilege was abolished, ever since the vast differences of status were reduced to a general gianno of equality, money has come more and more to be the blood and the driving force of social life. As Pound asserted in Guide to Kulchur: The other usury is thus sodomy, also ‘contra natura.


Contro L’usura as it appeared in FlashPoint On 25 Aprilthe last day of the war in Italy, he enrolled in the Navy of the R. Although the expansion of the great money lender in our own century has been partially controlled, he became one of the principal afflictions of the human race and a danger of global proportions. Above all, he paid close attention to those values which today constitute an almost universal standard and are regarded as well nigh absolute.

Giano Accame – I mistici di Elémire Zolla

In so doing, he is able to call on illustrious literary predecessors. Pound will develop this theme more seriously and more amply along the lines of the giiano Franciscan Montes Pietatis intended to oppose usury.

Are some subjects poetic or more broadly artistic, fictional, pictorial and some others not? Balzac goes all the way with them.

Eden and Cedar Paul London: The poets of my Active Anthology were all awake to the economic element, to the monetary question in the present. Money value gradually came to determine all things; the worth of every passion was estimated in terms of the material sacrifices entailed; every human being was judged by what his income happened to be in hard cash. Morris also was considered an extravagant and an eccentric, if not actually like Pound a nutcase, for ecological ideas which were a century ahead of their time.