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Full text of “Hayduke, George Getting Even Paladin Press”. See other formats. CIA Book of Dirty Tricks Recoil / Eutronix PDF conversion by Grog Index Additives. A hilarious overview of the methods people use to get even with big business, government and enemies. These dirty tricks range from the simple to the elaborate. George Hayduke has 23 books on Goodreads with ratings. George Hayduke’s most popular book is Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks.

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Wrap a few real quarters on the ends but fill the rest of the roll with the cheapie import coins. The only way to use a credit card intelligently is to pay off each month’s balance, avoiding the outrageously high interest charges.

Display the contractor’s name and gsorge number prominently. Stuff the flag under the car where it cannot be seen. One anti-jogger has already suggested that these spikes be reduced in size and dropped strategically near the running habitat of these long-range exercise buffs.

Consider the case of mistaken vengeance that took place in Vienna, Austria, inwhen Leopold Renner though his wife was cheating on him because he saw her holding hands with another man. Paint pens do a neater job and are easier to hide than georfe of spray paint. Let’s share it with the rest of the masses. I figure that trading some poster-ripping for those jerks’ fingertips and some later disease is fair enough.

That’s why Chris Schaefer has a grand idea to take advantage of this unnatural, national paranoia. You can use either the cartridge or the pump type — just to be sure you get one with enough power to penetrate metal. The content aside, I can see some delightful uses for the art and science described herein.

Another suggestion involves learning the names and addresses of several salesmen or executives, including the main office address of the company. Male Order Photolabs, Ventura Blvd. He finally had some fun with the vehicle of one from this breed of jerks. Send these to your mark You can customize or personalize this in any way you wish.


The fun can come if your mark is gorge a licensed gun dealer. Make sure you have removed the other examples of that treat from the bag before “breaking your case.

Did you ever want to run a truly gross direct-mail business? Shadow suggest that 1 you don’t work on an engine part that is hot, and 2 it would be nice to remove the shot load from the shell first, but leave the wadding in place.

He precedes the tape selection with a recorded cut-in done by another out-of-state friend who can imitate Johnny Carson and the voices of other stars, saying things like, “And now, dear friends, here is my on-the- spot recording of the mayor’s daughter whoring around with the police chief’s mother.

Besides, your mark might turn out to be a great charity worker. The legal hassle for the mark remains the same. Forgery Forgery is a fine art form, very useful to the trickster. Don’t try to pull this one on the same airline more than once! Farmer Dale explained, “I knew a little bit about the state environmental regulations, so I decided to help the gas company violate as many of them as I could, even if it mean sacrificing a few things of my own. Does your mark have a vehicle with an automatic transmission?

The form should carry the warning, “Please refrain from sexual relations of any kind until we can diagnose your case. Perhaps, though, Dick’s right. Invite him or her to your place, or, better yet, to a neutral location for dinner.

Is it any wonder you’re not happy with the owner of this service-oriented business? The house had to be aired out for nearly forty-eight hours.

George Hayduke (author) – Wikipedia

About 95 percent of the people are decent. The first step is to een a couple of markets and among other things buy ten or twelve five- pound bags of sugar. But if you want another sort of pop, dig deeply into the potato bin for this one. She suggests that you call the local Salvation Army, Goodwill, or whatever charity and report your mark for stealing out of the organization’s pickup boxes.


haydke His sign is a foot square and he slaps them right in the driver’s vision zone of the windshield of the offending parked vehicle. If the mark is a woman, a pack of condoms carelessly hidden in the car is always a sure-grow plant. Normally, harassment of a citizen is a low-priority case with the police.

Books by George Hayduke

You might help the mark share his new friends’ sexual talents. The landlady, frantic, according to Tim’s friend who was putting up the signs, got to it fifteen minutes after it went up.

If it’s not, you have about four seconds to avoid getting nasty coverage from the M80’s blast. This could cause the mark to dash into his local car butcher and get charged an outrageous price for an unnecessary tune-up.

Getting Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks – George Hayduke – Google Books

Mention that your mark and the cops have a payoff relationship. How detailed and thorough you are depends upon your plans for the mark. If you ever pour a bunch of iron filings down in there, some interesting things will happen to the mark’s set the next time it is turned on.

He did the same thing to another board. A hilarious overview of the methods people use to get even with big business, government and enemies. If the CIA yet out of copies, check with some of the commercial publishers who did rip-off versions.

Even if the “former state geroge doesn’t know for sure, I will guarantee from any background that this one could cause the sudden call-up of the National Guard.