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A new double CD release with Japanese pianist Yoshiko Shimizu, playing George Crumb´s Makrokosmos, Volume I, Volume II and Music for a. George Crumb’s Makrokosmos pieces for amplified piano were created during an especially fertile period of his compositional career. Crumb had received the. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Makrokosmos I -IV on Discogs.

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What better way to start a work of music than with a piece entitled Primeval Sounds? The sostenuto pedal is used far more extensively than in previous piano music. Primeval Sounds Genesis I [4: Chopin on track 11! As the booklet text by Steven Bruns which to a high degree constitutes the source for these comments states, one of the more crymb aspects of Makrokosmos is the exploration of timbres, innumerable variations on nuances of timbres.

DRAM: Notes for “George Crumb: Makrokosmos I & II”

A collection of five pieces completed in and titled Music for a Summer Evening forms the third volume of Makrokosmos. Crumb has connected this musical venture with the star signs of the Zodiac. The few times Mr.

The music is exciting, the playing is marvelous – Mode has produced another great disc.

Maybe this Crumb video can be the motivating carrot that remedies the situation. The Abyss of Time Virgo A. Unlike Cage, however, Crubm has the pianist place and remove these objects during performance, not beforehand.

Was it the arioso passages of the op. The Phantom Gondolier of part 2 of Volume 1 amounts to an intensive display of alternative ringing and rustling piano practices and the added pleasure? Music of Shadows for Aeolian Harp [2: New Music BoxIssue 70 – Vol. Yes, a long neck, a proud look, a fantastic hairdo! As can be viewed above, Crumb also had an affinity for fantasy-evoking titles! Crumb has designed the last of the four parts of the three divisions of the two sections as a symbol, thus in Volume 1 presenting piece number 4 as a cross, number 8 as circle and number 12 as a spiral.


George Crumb – Makrokosmos vol.1

In addition to the usual indications for tempo, dynamics, and articulation, he includes powerfully suggestive verbal phrases that point to the intended sonic and expressive effects. But producing the unearthly and exotic sounds involves much more than simply playing the piano.

The georhe is subtitled Twelve Fantasy-Pieces after the Zodiac and georgee scored for amplified piano. The music moves in slow breaths, hovering over the topography like ominous thunderclouds. Virtually every imaginable pianistic tone color is exploited in the work.

Can you believe the editor of this webzine just bought his first DVD player just two months ago? And in several pieces, while playing and scraping, Ms. And Mode Geroge have re-issued a recording of both books of Makrokosmos, performed by Margaret Leng Tan, originally released in for his 75th birthday.

I want to express my appreciation to Mr. Of course, many un-orthodox playing practices are exercised by the brilliant pianist Margaret Leng Tan, like plucking strings inside the piano, playing glissandi makrokos,os strings, sliding a scrape along a string and so forth – and the truly extraneous sound appears in whistles and vocal utterances George Crumb wrote Makrokosmos in and The twelve pieces of each volume are grouped into three parts of four pieces, and each part is to be played without interruption.


This music is new and old; a remembrance of past eras in this new rippling of fast moving fingers up and down the keyboard! In an interview with Robert Shuffett Peters Corp. But as these were composer supervised recordings, and the whistling is indeed very professional sounding, with good theremin sounds, Crumb must have supported the idea. Tan’s talent in his Sorceress of the New Piano: Extra-musical influences are offered in the designation of a sign of the Zodiac to each piece as well as a descriptive title.

As can be viewed above, Rcumb also had an affinity for fantasy-evoking titles! The contents are as follows:. He is completing a comprehensive critical study of George Crumb’s music.

Makrokosmos is a series of four volumes of pieces for piano by American composer George Crumb. However, these objects do not, as with Cagestay put during performance, but are inserted and removed by the performer during playing.


The Phantom Gondolier Scorpio G. She creates translucent harmonics by lightly touching nodal points on the strings. These pieces constitute a massive and detailed makrokosos of the sounding possibilities of the piano.

The last piece of each part is notated in such a way that the score forms an image: This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat Litany of the Galactic Bells Leo R.

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