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How We Advertised America [George Creel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Is A New Release Of The Original Edition. How we advertised America; the first telling of the amazing story of the Committee on the gospel of Americanism to every corner of the globe, by George Creel. From George Creel, How We Advertised America (Macmillan, ), pp. [ Journalist George Creel, who oversaw the Committee on Public Information during.

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At this time the officer of the deck and others on the bridge saw a white streak about 50 yards ahead of the ship, crossing from starboard to port, at right angles to our course.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Not only did we hold aloof from the workings of the Espionage law, operated by the Postmaster-General and the Attorney-General, but it was even the case that we incurred amerca and enmities by incessant attempt to soften the rigors of the measure. A frank and enthusiastic memoir of the American Committee for Public Information’s propaganda operations during the Great War as presented by the man who ran the show.

For purposes of convenience, the expedition was divided into contingents, each contingent including troop-ships and a naval escort designed to keep off such German raiders as might be met.

In addition, it is the inevitable tendency of such legisla- tion to operate solely against the weak and the powerless, and, as I pointed out, the European experience was thick with instances of failure to proceed against great dailies for bold infraction. Some thirty-odd booklets, covering every phase of America’s ideals, purposes, and aims, were printed in many languages other than English.

Three days later Mr. We were in the middle of a great war, with civilization hanging in the balance, and here was the Senator from a great state without ability to make any other contribution to the national service than dreary maunderings. In order to make assur- ance doubly sure, he asked me for specific information, and in my letter of reply I finished by saying that Mr. Creel, and, for myself, at least, I can say that the helpfulness has been from him to me rather than in the reverse direction.

At the Church of the Ascension, I had spoken for an hour, and for more than an hour answered questions bearing upon every phase of public misunderstanding.


Nearly all the European belligerents have also tried to prevent the publication of news likely to offend their allies or create friction between them. Abby marked it as to-read Jul 10, Treadway never produced any such evidence, nor was I given the chance to face him.

How we advertised America

As a matter of fact, every man of them begged criticism, invited inquiry, and hoped with all his heart for a real investigation that would put an end to slanderous rumors.

They are not certain, though, which one aamerica was, as the ships were not in line then and more or less scattered.

In my opinion they were the wakes of two torpedoes. They missed them all, but it was close squeaking all right.

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Suspicious enough by reason of natural anxieties, a censorship law would have turned every waiting heart over to the fear that news was being either strangled or minimized. The bill, brought crwel into consideration, was defeated decisively and finally. Daniels gave me his ideas as to the subject-matter, naval experts checking from the Gleaves cable, and the statement was written then and there.

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There is a general tendency among officers and men of the Force to attribute many cases of supposed torpedo attack to the sighting of blackfish or por- poise, while spars are sometimes mistaken for periscopes, and any statements made are much more likely to have been intended to express a belief that the reports were exaggerated at the source than to express anything else. Daniels pointed out that the despatch was ab- solutely anonymous in that it did not give the name of a single American officer responsible for the slander, and de- clared his sense of outrage that the comment of unknown 32 THE “FOURTH OF JULY FAKE” persons, far from the scene of the incident, should be matched against the report of an admiral of the navy.

Every little triviality was magnified into an importance, and the manufacture of mole-hills into mountains was the favorite occupation. As a result the Associated Press sent out a “kill,” but with such a start the story could not be caught. With regard to any criticism either express or implied of statements given to the press by the Secretary of the Navy, I doubt very much whether any of the persons from whom Mr.


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It assembled the artists of America on a volunteer basis for the production of posters, window-cards, and similar material of pictorial publicity for the use of various govern- ment departments and patriotic societies. His anger, coupled with malig- nant partizanship, made him at all times an unscru- pulous enemy. There are many people in this room who have been in Europe since we entered this war, and nobody could possibly go to France, xii FOREWORD enter a port, and travel from any port of France to the front-line trenches without recognizing the energy and efficiency of his own nation; the strength and skill of his own fellow-countrymen; the inventive genius of America; the large capacity for industrial output of America stamped all over France.

It is the one place in the whole United States in which a mouth ww above the law, and in which there is not only free speech, but im- munity for speech. Starting with the initial conviction that the war was not the war of an administration, but the war of howw hundred million people, and believing that public support was a matter of public understanding, we opened up the activities of government to the inspection of the citizenship.

Never at any time was it possible to persuade the whole body of Washington correspondents to think of the voluntary censorship in terms of human life and na- tional hopes. A wave of joyful enthusiasm swept the nation.

How We Advertised America: George Creel: : Books

Several pieces of timber, quan- tities of oil, bubbles, and debris came to the surface. But if all that you allege were true, if we had been guilty of the blunders that you charge, what of it? This book is not yet featured on Listopia. In no degree was the Committee an agency of censorship, a machinery of concealment or repression. In the ten months of its existence it gave answers to eighty-six thousand requests for specific information.

No request of any kind was made upon the morning papers.