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Kettlebell Muscle: The Secrets of Compound Kettlebell Lifting [Geoff Neupert] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kettlebell Muscle Kettlebell. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kettlebell Muscle: The Geoff Neupert is an absolute master of his game(the double kettlebells) this book . The time has gone by in the blink of an eye; I completed week 4 of 12 of Geoff Neupert’s kettlebell muscle building program today. Completing the last sets of the.

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Kettlebell Muscle included some detailed instructions on technique, but this will not. Pick a more challenging complex or chain.

In terms of rest, don’t rush it. High Pull x5 Snatch x5 Press x5 Day 3: Here are some of them: Geoff Neupert Kettlebell Express Documents. Of course, you have to eat for fat loss too. The Lunge, when performed correctly, is a powerful leg exercise. Ballistic Beatdown This puppy is all ballistics all the time, with the exception of an easy rest period on Day 2 we call the Front Squat. It’s tough and I only did 5 weeks of it before moving onto simple and sinister. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.


I think its German or something like that Each time the sequence is performed is considered one repetition. Oh Row You Dont!

In barely an hour of workout time a week, you’ll destroy expectations and build a body to be reckoned with! Michelle coached me through this workout, which typically makes things harder.

Geoff Neupert – More Kettlebell Muscle

When you actually spend some time with it, you fall in love with it. The Long Haul Heres another complex that uses time instead of reps. And we also change the loading parameters on this as well the Heavy day comes midweek, so there is no calm before the storm like there is in the original Kettlebell Muscle.

So, if you learn how to push your knees apart and sit down between them, youll find youll be able to keep your torso upright.

This is a great one for improving your general conditioning for your single kettlebell snatch work. Its incredibly challenging and metabolically demanding with the inclusion of all the squats.

That being said, lets jump in gwoff both feet and our clothes. Ill show you how to do that too.


Geoff Neupert – More Kettlebell Muscle

Heres what Ive found ketylebell be the easiest, simplest way to choose to eat foods that make and keep me lean: Double that number for chains. Jerk Werk 30 Each has a different feel, emphasis, and loading parameters, designed for different outcomes. If you don’t associate kettlebells with building muscle, well, that’s understandable.

Which one is right?


From now on, you are going to work off of percentages of your RM. Clean Em Up 15 7.

Neupret lift heavy weights if you are alone, inexperienced, injured, or fatigued. If you already have Kettlebell Muscle and have done the program, then youve accepted the premise that complexes and chains are some of the most, if not THE most time-efficient bang-for-your-buck training modalities that exist.

Item Added to Cart. In this program, you’ll have a 4-week phase devoted to each pathway.