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I am creating a micro cache to place made out of a standard 35mm film canister . Using this, it takes about 2 minutes to create a micro logbook. These Rite In the Rain custom log sheets are designed to brave the elements in even the most extreme situations where geocaches are hidden. Rite in the Rain. 15 Years of Geocaching Trackable LEGO Brick- Yellow. 15 Years of Geocaching T able LEGO Brick- Yellow $ 15 Years of Geocaching Official Micro.

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Look up geocaching in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Compare 0 Show all. Ammo cans are considered the gold standard of containers because they are very sturdy, waterproof, animal- and fire-resistant, relatively cheap, and have plenty of room for trade items. Retrieved January 23, micrl Hides and events are reviewed by volunteer regional cache reviewers before publication.

File:Logbook for geocaching micro container2.svg

It contains 23 nano geocache log sheets. Paperless geocaching means hunting a geocache without a physical printout of the cache description. The examples and perspective in this section deal primarily with the United States and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject. It can be used in lkgbuch small nano caches. You may also like. They are made with a 20ml waterproof container which has a screw lid.

Typically others are not allowed to log that same location as a find. Links go straight to download, there are no pictures of the log sheets on the page.

This was changed shortly after the original hide when it was suggested in the gpsstash eGroup that “stash” could have negative connotations and the term geocaching was adopted.


Retrieved July 20, You can download the free Adobe Reader to view and print the geocache log sheets. A Mega Event is defined by attendance of over people. Log book replacements are handy to carry when caching, nice thing to replace full and soggy logbooks.

Check out these unique geocaches, don’t just throw a tupperware box out there get creative. Mjcro October 10, at 9: Six days later a second body, that of a man in the group, was found in the river. Geocaching from space is a combination of flight to near space, the geocaching game, and a unique science lpgbuch. Intwo lost hikers on Mount HoodOregonafter spending the night in a snow cave, stumbled across a geocache and were able to phone this information out to rescuers, [77] resulting in their timely rescue.

Highest first Product Name: Different geocaching websites list different variations per their own policies. You need them to hide caches, and they are a critical part of any geocacher’s go-bag cache maintenance kit. Some or all listings may or may not logbbuch required to be reviewed by community volunteers before being published and although cross-listing is permitted, it is discouraged.

Can build load-bearing structures. The first Stratocaching event was held on 16 November in Prague and was successful.

Geocache Geocaching Cache ยท Free photo on Pixabay

Beautiful and extremely fast phone from Google “. Cache-In Trash-Out CITO Events are coordinated activities of trash pickup and other maintenance tasks such as constructing footpaths, planting trees and removing invasive species to improve the environment.

In many cases, however, the cache description and hint are never read by the seeker before hunting the cache. Geocaching is legal in every country except North Korea where GPS and all other mobile devices are illegal to possess [65] and is usually positively received when explained to law enforcement officials.


On the other hand, we denounce with right ous indignation and dislike mens who are so beguiled. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikibooks. A Wherigo cache is a multi-stage cache hunt that uses a Wherigo “cartridge” to guide the player to find a physical cache sometime during cartridge play, usually loghuch the end. Retrieved May 21, Archived from the original on December 2, All of the geocache log sheets are in PDF format.

Cement based product as good as other conventional materials. Examples of goals are to be placed in a certain cache a long distance from home, or to travel to a certain country, or to travel faster and farther than other hitchhikers in a race.

Hunters use the clues to try to find the benchmark; the benchmark can be logged as Found, Not Found, Note, or Destroyed.

Although they felt they were safe and were able to return to land, they were considered to be logbudh danger and were airlifted back to the shore. Retrieved January 21, The other exception is for event caches; for an event to qualify, it must be specifically or mainly for geocachers, and must have a minimum duration dependent upon its category CITO, regular, Mega, or Giga.

Groundspeak allows extraterrestrial caches, e.