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A few hundred workshops, three years, and one book edition later, I’m happy to finally publish here my 4th version of the Genderbread Person. “Genderbread Person (Sam Killermann’s version )” is reader & patron funded, % free and uncopyrighted. Join or donate to help support. Gender is one of those things everyone thinks they understand, but don’t. This tasty little guide is meant to be an appetizer for understanding. It’s okay if you’re.

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It is quintessentially cisnormativity. Or just click the big pink button and get a folder including all the graphics in this post.

Check out this great article on Asexuality. I wrote a book for you! Again pereon enforces the view that penis is inherently male.

The Social Justice Advocate’s Handbook. Here are some other sites I’ve made that you might dig: Others benderbread find the benefit of discussing the variations of anatomical sex using continua, and have argued for that for years.

In addirion, it is a classic example of condesplaining as well as gatekeeping since he is presenting gender as something he knows the “truth” about while everybody else is ignorant. Killermann has passed off perhaps inadvertently another’s work as his own, given how he has marketed the genderbread person on his website.

It’s generbread Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation: Too Many Ways to Subscribe: Some people’s gender is always in flux.

The Genderbread Person v4

I’m Sam Killermannan activist, educator, and artist who creates for global justice. And if you never gave me money, give me money. Anatomical Sex Sex sometimes called biological sex, anatomical sex, or physical sex is comprised of things like genitals, chromosomes, hormones, body hair, and more.


It is this negotiation between individual-level identity and social-level construct that is difficult and not the concept of gender in and of itself.

This sort of rhetoric has been around in some form or another as long as the gender binary itself. Genderbread person is a way of conceptualising, and a learning tool for, gender gendebread orientation. This seems to imply that reinforcing current problematic understanding of gender is compatible with “more honest depiction”. Regardless of his intentionshe has used the collective work of the trans, feminist, and queer communities over the past few years to further his own career.

None of the venderbread given to describe contentedness prescribe contentedness. Venderbread people already have words for describing themselves. He mentions donations often and in a jocular way throughout his writing, e. Here are some other sites I’ve made that you might dig: Unfortunately his secondor 2.

A Guide to Gender by Killermann.

Here are some other sites I’ve made that you might dig:. It’s called A Guide to Gender 2nd Edition: The book itself cisplains a lot of issues, often upholding misplaced distinctionsor creating differentiations that do not exist within trans activism and social justice activism more broadly:. This did not seem important to Killermann; he speaks over them, indirectly silencing and erasing their voices and disregarding their self-determination.

If you dig what I’m doing here, I could really use the help: This tasty little guide is meant to be an appetizer for understanding. I write everything here, do the doodles, and even coded the site itself. I write, doodle, code, and fund this site It consists of a yellow stereotypically male-shaped [2] think of gendered bathroom signs “gingerbread man”-like figure with various parts of its genderbreead labelled to refer to various parts of human not biscuit gender, genitals, orientation, presentationand sexuality.


It has been accepted that we form our gender identities around the age of three, and after that age it is incredibly difficult to genderberad them. Step one in understanding: Or would you like to learn about facilitation? When a suggested change or criticism can help move the Genderbread Person a little closer to being best possible most accurate, inclusive, and helpful depiction of gender in society, I generally make that change.

Nonetheless, this is a story of appropriation. Always Have the Freshest Nobody likes a stale cookie. Many people’s understanding of their gender is constantly being formed and reformed, along with their identity in general, as part of their life and their experiences.

Genderbread Person (Sam Killermann’s version 4.0)

Join or donate to help support social justice media. Gender Expression The ways you present gender, through your actions, clothing, demeanor, and more.

Could they be lying? The ways you present gender, through your actions, clothing, demeanor, and more.

Genderbread Person Archives – It’s Pronounced Metrosexual

Due to this, Killermann has been accused of plagiarism. Perhaps most disappointingly of all, Killermann defines cisgender as:.

Get the 2nd Edition of my first book A Guide to Gender: Gender Explained Using Continuums. This is because it stems from the normative categorisation of humans into two or more genders: Before it pops up on my MRI scan and I find myself regretting sleeping with my cell phone on my chest so the alarm is sure to wake me up in the morning.