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The Viscount in Her Bedroom (The Sisters of Willow Pond) [Gayle Callen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. She never knew the true. The Viscount in Her Bedroom was my first book by Gayle Callen and, after flipping through the book to get an idea of what it was about, I was. The Viscount in Her Bedroom (Sisters of Willow Pond, book 3) by Gayle Callen – book cover, description, publication history.

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What do you expect? The fact that the hero, while blind, wasn’t brooding and too “woe is me” was nice.

The Viscount in Her Bedroom by Gayle Callen – FictionDB

Calen had only conversed a few times. She attempts to help Simon as a twisted redemption and falling in love with him was inevitable. Once again they were on unequal ground. Her eyes, unaccustomed to the dark, could gqyle see him. With no hope of securing a proper marriage, the vivacious young miss accepts a position as a companion to an elderly viscountess. She could have rung for a maid, but even back home, she’d hated to awaken a hard-working servant in the middle of the night.

Her books have been translated into eleven different languages. That night, Louisa couldn’t sleep.

But then Louisa meets Simon, another paragon of looks, money and he is just so nice, but he has gone blind due to a horse accident, so how will she deal with him? Great read Louisa sees no marriage in her future, so she becomes a companion for an elderly woman who’s grandson is a Viscount. I’m glad he finally saw some sense. She knew he didn’t like to be stared at. She licked her lips. She held her breath as he passed, then grimaced when he paused.


There is not much of an appealing story here. This one touched my heart the most.

The Viscount in Her Bedroom

W This book was very enjoyable, but it could have been perfect. I have never heard of such a thing, I must read this” and so I did. Do read this if you’re looking for a story with very good writinga hero who is not full of himself like every other historical swaggering peacock: Simon is instantly taken my Louisa, however due to various rumors that he as heard over the years proclaiming her to be fast he struggles against his feelings.

Adored Manvil the valet and Georgie what a sweetie, def to read again. From beginning to end I was fully satisfied, and absolutely adored it!!! The H lives with his grandmother on her estate just outside London as he cannot abide living alone at his estate in Derbyshire.

But can a reputation be restored in society’s eyes? Sisters of Willow Pond 3 books. So now its obvious that she is there to help both of the younger wades, even though they don’t know it. They are both genuine and very loveable characters you can easily relate to and have sympathy for.

I also enjoyed Callen’s Spies and Lovers trilogy.

And now her chance at happines may rest in her ability to convince the stubborn viscount that her passion is real Jan 01, Rachel rated it liked it Shelves: He thought he’d ghe again experience the tender touch of a beautiful bedgoom. Although it actually dealt pretty okay with disability? She’s kind and strong. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Personally, I would have liked the story to be a bit hotter.

I also enjoyed getting a glimpse, although short-lived, of the three Shelby sisters together with their callsn families. When all hope seems lost Don’t we all know they have happily ever after endings? I find myself relating most to the hero’s sister, Georgiana calleh who doesn’t like having men look at her. But she does somehow end up taking on shy girls as students to help them with their season.

Simon was blinded when he was thrown from his horse six months before. She closed her eyes to be one with him in the darkness again. The kiss they shared first was too hot! He was left alone with his frustration.

I might be exaggerating a tiny bit but he is still annoying. Candlelight Historische roman – Voel mijn verlangen. Mar 12, Beno rated it really liked it. European Historical Romance Review Tags: Jul 15, Casey rated it really liked it Shelves: They learn to nedroom each other with their fears and doubts caused by actions of their parents and peers The tentative flirtations between Simon and Louisa lead to deeper feelings and they slowly fall in love.

He knew he should be angry with her, with her assumptions that she understood him.

The moonlight really must be helping her. Lists with This Book. But I don’t need help—and neither does Georgie.