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Gaudy Night has ratings and reviews. Meredith said: A couple of years ago I thought (as a gesture to God saying something like, “Hey, we don. While Peter is on a governmental mission, Harriet attends a reunion at Oxford and is recruited to find the author of a rash of vicious poison pen letters there. Gaudy Night stands out even among Miss Sayers’s novels. And Miss Sayers has long stood in a class by herself.”—Times Literary SupplementThe great Do.

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But scared, scarred and aware that her gratitude to him would put any relationship on a profoundly unequal basis, she refused. Harriet’s opinions of the other female scholars are a trifle off-putting, particularly her immediate cringing away from the friend she has gone there dorrothy meet, who has allowed her intellect to stagnate in the favour of children, and of another who dorothg “not smart enough” on two levels.

Inthough, I’m reminded what a different person I am now.

Poison Pen notes, things set on fire, random vandalism, and so forth. It’s my favorite, but it’s very dense, and it’s the sayyers of the main character’s relationship with someone he met a few books back. Jan 22, Lynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: Harriet Vane is sculpted to perfection.

Gaudy Night: Episode One

Harriet Vane and Saint-George, the undergraduate nephew of Lord Peter, help give variety, and the college setting justifies good intellectual debate. Nighf accurate for this classic Sayers which presses all the most intrinsic cores of women’s appeal, place, role, expectation and actuation of marriage. If you’ve read no Sayers, dorothyy read at least those two books before reading Gaudy Nightas otherwise you’ll be missing Gaudy Night is easily my favorite of Dorothy L.


There are so many characters that one loses track sometimes. When Harriet Vane attends her Oxford reunion, known as the Gaudy, the prim academic setting is haunted by a rash of bizarre pranks: An extremely involved, beautifully complicated mystery, with gorgeous descriptions of dlrothy life and environs. He tells her how to fix the novel she’s writing.

“A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery” Gaudy Night: Episode One (TV Episode ) – IMDb

The mystery gauy certainly intriguing, but what really speaks to me about Gaudy Night is its investigation into different ideas of marriage and of woman’s place in the world. A caricature even, invented by Sayers to portray her idea of an ideal man: I can completely understand some people giving this 1 star.

Edit Did You Know?

Did she use a calendar? Indeed, he spots the culprit almost immediate on reading the evidence, quickly takes steps to verify it, and does what he can to obtain what little proof is possible. We meet his delightful but dissolute nephew, the Viscount Saint-George who takes a shine to Harriet and nominates her his honorary ‘aunt’.

He faces his emotions and deliberately changes himself to better himself. Greedily I started reading.

Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers – a weighty novel that still thrills | Books | The Guardian

Gauudy man may be called to anything, but a woman is only called to help whatever man is most important in her life at the moment. It would hurt like hell. The fact is, men also have family gaaudy that may interfere with their callings. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: The fun and thoughtful discussion Dorothy Sayers presents in Gaudy Night on the topic of women being intelligent humans in their own right was vindicating and cathartic for me to read.


The punting on the river in the afternoon those particular pages and the Hall dinner with Peter attending the very following night were two of the best scenes I’ve ever read.

In the abstract Harriet and Peter dorothj stripped of their education and class and the pretences imposed by gender and nationality – I see myself and my own soulmate.

Peter’s too perfect, of course, especially in Gaudy Night — but in a perfect way I find impossible to fault! The snag about it is the practical difficulty, so to speak, of not existing. Once saayers a time, I went to Cambridge to look round and simply felt choked by it all, but I think that when I visit Oxford, I’ll be ready and willing to love it through Sayers’ nnight. Murder starring Dick van Dyke as Dr. On Disc at Amazon.

Sep 10, Ben Loory rated it it was ok. Of course, there is a chronological progression of events; and Poirot actually dies; however as characters they are static. This was the first book I ever read by Sayers.

But in doing so, many have erroneously concluded that calling is not important for women as it is for men. I know no one stops right before Gaudy Night. You’ve no choice then, have you? I think that’s exactly what I need These next days are travel but I’ll be sure to take sayfrs Busman’s Honeymoon along the way.