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Absurdistan: A Novel [Gary Shteyngart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “ Absurdistan is not just a hilarious novel, but a record of a. ABSURDISTAN. From the critically acclaimed, bestselling author of The Russian Debutante’s Handbook comes the uproarious and poignant story of one very fat. ABSURDISTAN. By Gary Shteyngart. pp. Random House. $ Why praise it first? Just quote from it — at random. Just unbutton its shirt.

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Even focusing on shhteyngart single individual such as the obese Misha Vainberg, the son of a Russian Jew, could have worked, but it wasn’t the story of Absurdistan, it was the story of an obese, spoiled, rich, Russian Jew looking for some meaning in his life. And reviewers kept calling it rip-roaringly funny–I was too busy being bothered by what was happening to really yuck it up, which is more a slight on the reviewers than Gary.

Absurdistan by Gary Shteyngart

I really did appreciate Shteyngart’s use of language, which is why I have opted for two stars rather than one. Absurdistan’s reputation for oil riches got it the title ” Norway of the Caspian. All are elements of a story that cannot avoid being called the 21st century’s Catch by those who praise it Shteyngart even has a character joke that if Joseph Heller were alive today, Halliburton would ask him to join their board.

Maybe I missed the point, some political and cultural satire, but I cannot believe its cover blurbs that cite so many newspapers naming it among their top ten books of the year. Shoes hang from telephone poles.

What may turn off some is the gayr vile descriptions of his eating, his penis, his sex life, etc. He can’t though, since his obese Russian oligarch father once killed an Oklahoma businessman and now the INS won’t give Misha a visa.

Rarely have I read a book where the novel itself so much resembles its primary character.


I must first say that I just hate reviewing books that I have given 1 star ratings. So, yeah, not a big fan of this book. It’s written in first person and absurditan did I think it should be another way.

He wants to get back to New York City but is forced from his native St. There’s satire and then there’s books in which everybody is horrible. Petersburg has killed an Oklahoma businessman and then turned up dead himself, and Misha, trying to leave Petersburg after the funeral, is denied a visa to the United States.

According to the New York Times, this is one of the ten best books sbsurdistan the year.

Of gold-digging relatives at his father’s funeral, he tells us: It also reminded me of Everything shreyngart Illuminated though I’d say Absurdistan is much better, no so cute and a little bit of Vernon God Little. Shteyngart, absirdistan was born in what was then Leningrad and came to the United States at the age of 7, made a well-received debut four years ago with The Russian Debutante’s Handbook, a bumptious and bawdy look at expatriate Russians and Eastern Europeans in the post-Soviet world.

Absurdistan is a few different shteynngart at once. If anyone here read my review on “The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed out of his Window” or something along those lines, I haven’t checked the title of that work in a long timeyou will know that I am definitely not a big fan of absurd literature in its most a When I began reading this book, I was very skeptical with regards to how much I was going to like it.

Absurdistan adds a stomach and a libido. And then there absuddistan abrupt, visceral, depressing violence as well. It absurdisgan make more sense to have sex with their teacher and buy her a refrigerator.

I can see how people would be impressed with this book though, since Shteyngart can emulate all of the writing styles of every single polular Russian writer of the past two centuries.

Absurdistan (novel) – Wikipedia

I wanted very much to like this, and there were moments when I smiled at a phrase or passage or even a bit of biting satire, but over-all this was nothing more than literary masturbation This is laugh-out-loud hilarious, by which I mean that it literally caused me to guffaw audibly in public. Misha and his allies hatch a plot to gain Belgian citizenship for him. Isn’t the INS inconvenient? US immigration won’t let in the son of a murderer, so Misha – “an American cruelly trapped in a foreigner’s body” – is stuck waiting for the impasse to end.


And, quite frankly, the story doesn’t even begin until nearly a third of the way into the book. No, not that one.

To me, it progressed as follows: The most annoying part was that Shtey Good political and social satire makes you look at the world a little differently, with some laughs along the way. Everybody in this book sucks.

Absurd person singular

I’m no prude when it comes to literature, but I definitely didn’t need so much of the obese man’s sex life told to me so often and in such detail. Dec 06, Tommy rated it liked it Recommends it for: Halliburton, in turn, is in love with Absurdistan for the money it plans to make rebuilding Absurdistan’s “inferstructure” and for the plentiful hookers who spend their nights and days by hotel pools looking for “Golly Burton” employees to service.

Most satires exist in the brain and the gall. Paperbackpages. Along the way, Shteyngart’s graphic, slapstick satire portrays the American dream as experienced by hungry newborn democracies, and covers everything from crony capitalism to multiculturalism.

But his efforts come to naught.

While surely some measure of artistry was necessary to have stretched such an uninspired satire into pages of filth, only a true shtenygart would find occasion to be impressed.