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CD, Charts, Square of 9 wheel, page manual and lesson. In fact. the charts Ganntrader I produces are the best we’ve seen from any DOCUMENTATION Ganntrader I ‘s page user manual is clearly written and. package: Elwave combine ELWAVE with GANN TRADER V software . Added Spanish program interface and user manuals. Fixed crash when.

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Thread starter TheBramble Start date Jul 31, Bar Charts Candlestick charts Line charts Charting features: Contact Us Affiliate Advertising Help.

You can be sure that Ganntrader 3 is pure unadulterated Gann. Erm, this thread was bumped by a newbie to a post I made almost 5 years ago Project blank grids with angles, squares, or planets out to future dates.

NLQ 24 pin printers print at 20 grids per inch instead of Grid patterns can be 8×8, 8×10 or 10x Intraday data End-of-day data Historical Data Sources for data: Using the popular Quote.

Anyone know if a more up-to-date version exists?


For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Jul 10, 8, 1, www.

The Trend Line Indicator is a price indicator. Cycle counts of Selected angles are included in printouts.

Trading Manuals

Speed resistance fan lines Swing index Time series forecast. With this version of Ganntrader, all aspects of Gann’s methods that have been discovered have been included.

Unlimited when combined with batch mode. It currently runs a copy on all of my monitors – very annoying Additional comments please indicate additional indicators, special features and services here: Not sure if it’d have everything you’re after or be sufficiently modern looking but might be worth looking at. Up to price bars displayed, depending on video mode with unlimited zoom capability down to 10 bars on the screen.


Optionally excludes weekday holidays in a trading day chart. AstrologyGannTraders. Gann usually used 3 days in his work, but this value is also user defined. Formats read after conversion to program useable data: This would be an indication of a possible change of trend. Information such as the chart scale, value of the 1×1 and planet angles, setup of squares and angles, type of daily chart and gannrader grid pattern can be saved for future use the next time the file is loaded.



Key 1 is reserved for a user defined “hot” square. The slope of the angles is automatically adjusted for changes in the chart’sprice scale so that the 1×1 relationship is maintained. The program has been tested with quote. Ganntrader 3 computerizes all of W D Gann trading techiques including angles, squares, time cycles, geometric expansion, Square of 9 and more.

Charting the Stock Market: Natural squares of,52, 60, 72,90 are created with a single hit of the number keys 2 through 9. You must log in or register to reply here. Print or display planet earth or sun views of longitude converted to price following Gann’s methods.