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W. B. Gallie; IX.—Essentially Contested Concepts, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Volume 56, Issue 1, 1 June , Pages – Conceptual confusion has long been a source of difficulty in the study of politics. W. B. Gallie’s analysis of ‘essentially contested concepts’, published in ‘W.B. Gallie and Essentially Contested Concepts’. Re-Reading of W.B. Gallie, ‘ Essentially Contested Concepts’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian.

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David-Hillel Ruben – – Philosophical Papers 39 2: Although Gallie’s term is widely used to denote imprecise use of technical terminologyit has a far more specific application. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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In these circumstances, says Dworkin, “the group has a concept of unfairness, and its members may appeal to that concept cnocepts moral instruction or argument. Scholars such as H.

Concepts and Action”, pp. Aprilpp.

These features distinguish Gallie’s “essentially contested concepts” from others, “which can be shown, as a result of analysis or experiment, to be radically confused”; [20] or, as Gray [21] would have it, they are the features that relate to the task of distinguishing the “general words, which really denote an essentially contested concept” from those other “general words, whose uses conceal a diversity of distinguishable concepts”: Debates and applications”Journal of Political Ideologies Vol.

Essentially contested concepts involve widespread agreement on a concept e.

A Nonevaluative ApproachRodopi, Amsterdam Open Concepts and Contested Concepts. It is important to recognize that rather than it just being a case of delivering two different instructions; it is a case of delivering two different kinds of instruction:.


Essentially contested concept

Susanne Gibson – – Bioethics 18 3: A Reconsideration”, Philosophy and RhetoricVol. Otherwise, the dispute probably centres on polysemy. Sheila Jasanoff – – Science and Engineering Ethics 17 4: It has been treated as an excuse in that, rather than acknowledge that ocncepts failure to reach agreement is due to such factors as imprecision, ignorance, or belligerence, instead theorists point to the terms and concepts under dispute and insist that they are always open to contest — that they are terms and concepts about which we can never expect to reach agreement.

When discussing finance, “bank” is an essentially contested concept; because the discussion involves establishing the “correct” application, meaning or concspts of this polysemous term.

IX.—Essentially Contested Concepts | Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society | Oxford Academic

So long as contestant users of any essentially contested concept believe, however deludedly, that their own use of it is the only one that can command honest and informed approval, they are likely to persist in the gal,ie that they will ultimately persuade and convert all their opponents by logical means. Social and Political Philosophy.

He supposes that he has instructed his children not to treat others “unfairly” and asks us to recognize that, whilst he would have undoubtedly had particular “examples” of the sorts of conduct he was intending to discourage in mind at the time he spoke conce;ts his children, whatever it was that he meant when he issued such instructions was not confined to those “examples” alone, for two reasons:.


Find it on Scholar. Ambiguity Argumentation theory Critical thinking Ethics in mathematics Ideograph rhetoric.

Ehrenberg – – International Journal of Law in Context 7: Essentially Contested or Just Confused? Constitutional Moments in Governing Science and Technology.

Keywords – essentially contested concepts (Gallie)

And, because each considers that certain principles “[which] must be relied upon to show that a galkie division or attribution is unfair” are far a more “fundamental” sort of principle than certain other principles, it can be said that members of the group have different conceptions of “fairness”.

Consequently, those responsible for giving “instructions”, and those responsible for setting “standards” of “fairness”, in this community may be doing one of two things:.

Gallie inthe expression “essentially contested concept” has been treated both as a challenge and as an excuse by social theorists. It commences with ” But the theory of… ” and ends with ” …I try to answer it “. In a section of his article in The New York Review of BooksDworkin used the example of “fairness” to isolate and elaborate the difference between a concept suum cuique and its conception various instantiations, for example utilitarian ethics.

The Problem of Abortion: Essentially Contested Concepts and Moral Autonomy.