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Galletto Instruction Manual V13, MPPS V16 and Galletto Differences User manual for WinOLS and BDM WinOLS with. This article will guide you how to correctly install Galletto USB cable STEP 1: Download and Install Galletto Tuning Software. The Galleto can be purchased on ebay for £ It provides the option DIY Remap with Galletto – Civinfo Wiki. northender is offline.

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Will Celtic be able to work with this ok or should i have some type of software to make it work properly?

Galletto Manual

DIY Gallrtto with Galletto ECU Reading Guide 1. Greece Tuning – Greek. Hav you coppied the prog to your desktop and followed the Video vebatem? When I got finally connected the flashing program erased original content of ECU and started to upload new map. Then switch ignition on and follow the instruction. So conclusion- remapping this way is not completely risk free business. I also reinstalled drivers twice, both times xp confirmed that drivers were installed and device working.

If the program fails to launch automatically, you have to set like following: Galletto read and flash ECU compatible with the newest modern die Its sooooooooooooooooo easy mabual untrue!!! Have you carried out the following as posted in the Wiki article?


HUK Who should I write to to complain? Old 17th August As we all know,the Galletto flashing cable is a good helper for us to read and write access to various types of ECUs. Password Please enter a password for your user account. Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

But how to use i Make sure disable other program. Options Quote message in reply? I’d suggest anyone dabling with the idea but are put off by not being galletto computer savy to give it a bash. The video shows everything, and how simple it actually is.

Labels ecu programmer ecu programming tools ecu tuning galetto galletto Galletto download Galletto ECU Chip Tuning galletto ecu flash tool galletto ecu programmer Galletto manual Galletto software k suites kess 5. I’d say uninstall and try again. Installed drivers but Galletyo still get “opening port impossible”???

Galletto flashing cable VS Galletto 4 v Old 28th July My software warned me that it wasnt supported by windows etc but I chose to ignore the warning and cary on. Make sure your power supply is no problem. Tried another xp computer- manul story. You should see red light in the cable connector 4. Last edited by fr8zer; 28th July at Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

Galletto Manual

Old 18th August How to use Galletto flashing cable. Downloaded original content of ECU, sent to Celtic, got mabual file back. Yepp, I followed those steps carefully.


First plug the cable to the OBD port in the car 3. Right map downloaded but it is a file extension I am unable to open.

The ECU data can be renamed and saved. Problem solved- as soon as I disabled firewall and antivirus. Remap remapping map backup help Tony’s opinion from Celtic was that it was caused by faulty Galetto tool.

I am a complete technology doughnut and did this. Do not start engine. YouTube – Civic Type S re-map with galleto For Galletto software ggalletto download ,pls check: There are many ECU flash cables and them have theirselves advantage.

There are still some problems when we use the galletto ECU flash cable. It does not in my xp. Thanks to northender from: If i remember right, our computers try and open it as a song. LinkBack to this Thread: Galletto ecu obd2 vehicle list download Galletto software. Contributors Marcus Xiao Obd2repair. The file is manuap as wee dont have the uber expensive ggalletto the tuning companies use.