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Welcome to the world of Craig Thomson: a parallel universe in Real World The FWA report states on December 13, , Thomson was. A FAIR Work Australia (FWA) probe into Labor MP Craig Thomson’s led by FWA director Terry Nassios – were on track to report to the FWA. Evidence obtained from the FWA interview with Mr Thomson. Union, Craig Thomson, National Secretary, Level 2 Victoria Street.

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The HSU is affiliated to the Labor Party but there is little evidence the union has ever acted as a means for ordinary workers in the health sector to influence the policies of Labor governments. Mr Thomson, who was recently suspended from the Labor Party by the prime minister, continues to fight for his political survival. The industrial watchdog has been looking at the allegations relating to Mr Thomson’s time as the Health Services Union HSU national secretary since Aprilbut a formal investigation did not start until March The latest development in the HSU saga emphasises three points.

In missing that opportunity, Gillard has showed a characteristic lack of political judgement. The allegations are extraordinarily serious. Most Australians did not want Malcolm Turnbull to be deposed as prime minister. The lengthy time that FWA has taken to complete its investigations into the HSU has seriously weakened the political position of the organisation.

The comparison with Peter Slipper is an instructive one. The pressure continues to intensify on embattled MP Craig Thomson. Formal democratic procedures have failed to protect the interests of union members.


It took Thomson some time to stand aside from the parliamentary position he held early on in the term – the chair of a parliamentary committee. It shows detachment from the electorate. The membership of the HSU has been effectively disempowered.

FWA urges civil suit against Thomson: experts respond

But it is known the investigation is not only repkrt at union documents and evidence but allegations made in various media reports. Not just a one-off, but continuous poor judgement.

The investigations are continuing,” the spokeswoman said. Author Justin Norrie Editor.

His resignation from parliament would put pressure on the Labor minority government, but not lead to its fall. Justin NorrieThe Conversation. The question now becomes whether Ms Gillard will welcome Thomson back to the party.

Online File – FWA v Thomson

Second, the FWA needs to have better powers of investigation and prosecution in respect to unions and business organisations similar to those that operate in respect of ASIC and companies. Did you know that The Conversation cralg a nonprofit reader-supported global news organization? Sign up Log out news.

Available editions United States. In reprot s high union membership and thomppson generous union entry rights to workplaces meant that the industrial regulator played little role in the direct enforcement of industrial awards. With the decline in union and party memberships, the relationship has become too narrowly based and operates too much like a closed network. A future Coalition government is unlikely to be sympathetic to any requests by FWA for improved funding.

The regulator says the union committed breaches of the Registered Organisations Act – all civil penalties punishable by fine.


Craig Thompson probe results likely by year’s end

Third, reform of the relationship between unions and the ALP is long overdue. Unions can no longer use the fig leaf of class war, or the pretence that these private matters that will be settled thompsoh. The chaotic internal crait of the HSU have been serious embarrassment for the union movement and an insult to HSU members.

The Slipper and Thomson affairs have very long histories. A spokeswoman told AAP on Tuesday that this remained the case.

AAP November 29, 5: Log in No account? Perhaps if the voice of workers had been heard some disasters may have been averted. A more open relationship is required, one that is more inclusive of a broader range of representative, community based organisations, is the fws lesson of the HSU fiasco.

Originally published as Thompson probe results likely by year’s end. If criminal charges were brought, the fact that Gillard did not acted sooner could be that thmopson more serious politically. FWA has found its resources thinly spread. Thomson is on the cross-benches and he has promised to support the Labor Party.

Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: FWA has yet to decide whether the report will be made public.