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Furuno USA Inc Automatic Identification Systems . Installation Manual CLASS A AIS Model FA PRODUCT NAME: U-AIS TRANSPONDER SAFETY .. For FA to FA retrofits, use the optional replacement kit (OP). .. File Type: PDF File Type Extension: pdf MIME Type: application/pdf PDF Version: FA OPERATORS MANUAL details for FCC ID ADB9ZWFA made by Furuno USA Inc. Document Includes User Manual OPERATORS MANUAL. FURUNO will assume no responsibility for the damage caused by improper use or The FURUNO AIS (Automatic Identification System) model FA or FA- Note: The file name is composed of a single alphabet, the file type, and.

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Vendor Spotlight Introducing the Spectra Connect Right-click the MENU box to open the menu. Fort Pierce Fl Boat: On the other hand, unstable echoes suchas sea clutter appear at random positions. Find the cause of the trouble before replacing the fuse. Normaloperation is suspended and the indication “S” appears at the bottom of theeffective display area during the test. Note that the same nav line no. Select function fjletype then push the scrollwheel or left button.

This may eliminate the detection ofsome targets. Press the [ENT] key.

If you cannot restore normal operation, do not attemptto check inside any unit. The FA complies with relevant international regulations and standards va-150.


Manually acquires a target. Tx repetitionSecond-traceechoFalse echorangeActual rangeSecond-trace echoesTo reject second-trace echoes: This mode is useful for distinguishing moving targets from stationary ones. When theperformance monitor is active, the indication “PM” appears in yellow in thealarm box. A nav line that is currently in use cannot be erased.

Set up barge information as follows: Originally Posted by Paul L. Use the trackball to put the cursor on the AIS target symbol you want to knowits data. On-screen boxes come in two varieties: Longitudinal water speed, knots2.

Select unit of measurement desired then push the scrollwheel. Do one of the following to select a vector time.

Furuno FAR(-BB) : Marine RADAR User Manual

To erase the data for the number selected, hitthe left button again. In thiscase, align the chart with the radar image as below. You may enter tensuch symbols. Total hex number of sentences need to transfer the messages2.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

AlarmsettingYour ship’s position, whereyou start the anchor watch. Erasing track from the menu1. A vector appears in about one minute after acquisition indicating the target’smotion trend. To return to a previous page, select 1BACK.

Put the cursor inside the effective display area. The radar screen will show one ortwo arcs. If you set up for too little sensitivity, weak echoes may be missed.

Outlaw7 Registered User Join Date: Sequential message identifier, 0 to Note however that the 2nd targetalarm zone is available only when the 1st target alarm zone is active. You may remove targets by distance from own ship, speed,class and length.


The TT system will lose track of targets shortly after they are loston the radar picture and if they remain in a blind zone. It isespecially useful for bottom trawlers for knowing where the net is located.

You may mark this location on the radar display by following theprocedure shown below. The proper setting is such that the background noise is just visible on the screen.

Turns turning lines off. Your manual failed to upload Put the cursor on the point you want furun measure the range and bearing andpush the left button. Page Page Use the EBL offset feature to anchor the net cursor at net origin point.

If the radar transmitter and receiver are in good working conditions inas much as the original state when the monitor was turned up, the innermostarcs should appear between Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Hi Matt, It cant be changed except by the manufacturer.