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Notes that must be read before making an application for the bursary in 1. The bursary is only awarded to South African citizens and. The Funza Lushaka bursary scheme offers teaching bursaries to academically In addition to the completed application form you must also submit the following: .. per year to more than active bursaries provided to students in Source: DBE, b, Funza Lushaka Report . Funza Lushaka bursary application forms. • Consolidation of the provincial signed off lists.

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Bursaries for prospective teachers: Learnernships dunza prospective teachers: If there is not, the applicant may be placed in a PED that does have suitable vacancies. Fellowship Applicants need to be able to show a track record of leadership or being entrepreneurially minded.

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This opportunity extends to the possibility of international study. Note that, as there is no guarantee of receiving a bursary and that, as bursaries are only be awarded after registration each year, applicants must be lushala to pay their own fees – and you cannot simply assume that a bursary will be awarded.

Download the Foskor Career Guidance Booklet. The bursary will not be paid fogm a period of leave of absence from school. If a suitable candidate was not found, the second bursary will also be offered to a first year student. Visit the Foskor website for more information. Please read the application notes and the Agreement Form on the Funza Lushaka website carefully before you apply, as they contain the conditions for the award and acceptance of a bursary. Applications are assessed based on potential and academic performance: Qualified recipients of the bursary must request placement in a province of their applicatipn.


Copy of letter of acceptance into an approved South African medical education program.

Mechanical Instrumentation Electrical Mining Chemical Geology Applications should contain the following documentation: Rhodes University Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Interested candidates can apply for the Fellowship opportunity during their Grade 12 school year or during their first year of university. Have you made a calculated decision that: Metropolitan believes financial education plays a fundamental role applicayion how it conducts forrm. Full name, address, telephone and email contact information Copies of documents to demonstrate South African citizenship e.

Honours, Masters and PhD bursaries: As an education finance specialist, Eduloan is committed to making lushakw education both affordable and accessible to all aspiring students. The NMMU Sport Bureau offers sport bursaries of varying amounts to those who have demonstrated the ability to play sport at a high level of competition.

We cover the costs of: This can be conditional pending final acceptance. For more information on Eduloanplease visit their website. In addition, Eduxtrasour unique bursary management tool, will allow you to manage and allocate bursary funds for specific needs foorm as books, accommodation food and more, ensuring that your funds are spent appropriately.

Current value of bursary for is R45 Bursaries administered by NMMU Bursaries are also available to full-time students using funds provided by private donors or trustees. Upon the successful completion of your Bursary Programme: You will be required to sign an agreement that you will accept any post in which you are placed in the year following the completion of your PGCE no extensions granted. Where can I get the Application form: In addition to the completed application form you must also submit the following:.

Applicants must meet with the following criteria: Foskorthe leader in phosphate beneficiation, as well as an employer of choice, offers exceptional Bursary opportunities to talented and deserving students of all race and gender groups for study at a recognised South African University. We are not an institution so please contact the relevant luahaka directly for course information.


From the eligible applicants, two new students each year will be approved according to their ability to meet the following selection criteria: Fellowship applicants need to fulfill the criteria indicated below.

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Once approved for a bursary, a applicatjon student will be paid the full amount of the bursary in January of each year or as soon as possible thereafter. The bursaries will only be used to fund study in the medical field i.

Bursaries are for Bachelor Degrees only in the following fields of engineering: The closing date is 15 February The Vice-Chancellor recently introduced a premier scholarship to top achievers in the country. Make a difference applciation the lives of children. A person who has been selected to receive the bursary and who subsequently takes leave from medical school will be permitted to continue receiving the bursary provided that the person continues to meet eligibility criteria and academic achievement standards.

Points are awarded for the symbols obtained in each of your seven NSC subjects and the amount is linked to the total merit points achieved. Finally, you get repayment periods of 6 to 22 months. When you apply, make sure that you keep a copy of the record of application as proof of application and send a copy to Rob.