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Learning Cantonese? Come and download the free FSI Cantonese Basic language course, includes hours of free Cantonese audio and self-learning materials. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page FSI Cantonese – produced originally by the Foreign Service Institute to help you learn Cantonese, this course is intended to lead you to a minimum.

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FSI – Cantonese – Basic Course – Volume 2

The subject is thus the topic of the sentence, and the predicate is the comment. A person who speaks only Cantonese cannot understand a person who speaks only Mandarin, Shanghai, Fukkienese, or Hakka. The teacher adds another cue, and the students incorporate it, and so on, making each time a progressively longer utterance.

You are my friend. In English Subject and Predicate are tied together by the verb of the pre- dicate being governed by the status of the Subject. Deuimhjyuh, ngoh Chahn Saang. It is classed as an adverb because it is always linked to a verb, preceding it. Note that the counterpart English cantlnese requires stated subject.


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FSI Cantonese Vol. 1 (Yale) – Memrise

Ngoh mhhaih Cantonesw Sluje. We study Chinese at nine o’clock. In this book we mark seven tones, but your teacher may only have six, and the tapes accompanying the text include the speech of some speakers with only six tones. Keuih slk gong yauh Blk se. You can find the previous volume of the FSI Cantonese course here: Chahn 4 times fjjl 2. Wohng Taai gaau Gwongdungwa.

Wohng Saang hohk T: Click on “Allow” when your browser asks for permission to access the microphone. Neih haih mhhaih Meih- gwokyahn a?

In combining drills the students make one long sentence from two short cue sentences, according to the pattern set in the example. Memorizing situational material gives students tip-of-the-tongue command of useable Cantonese.

Neih haih mhhaih Meihgwokyahn a? Ngoh mhhaih Leih T: Students who absorb pronunciation best thouugh mimicking the model and who find the linguistic cantonede of sounds confusing or boring or both, should concentrate on mimicking the model and skimp or skip the explanations. Neihdeih haih mhhaih Yahtbunyahn a? Cwntonese is your friend’s name?

Secondly, since the basic conversations are organized on grammatical principles, students by memoriziag the conversations will be learning the grammatical framework of the language, on which they can construct canttonese sentences. For the Cantonese ch sound, the tongue rests flat against the dental ridge the ridge just behind the upper teeth and the blade part of the tonguethat part just back from the tip, blocks the air passage at the dental ridge.

  EN 1337-3 PDF

Lauh Taai sik gaau Gwong- dungwa. Say b- d- g- and you find you do not feel your breath against your hand, or at least not as much so. OR Do you have any questions? The tongue position for the American ch and Cantonese ch differs. Substitute following the pattern of the Ex: In a few words the consonants m and ng occur as vowels, and in these cases cajtonese diacritics are placed above the n of ng and the 53 5?

The words ‘yesterday,’ ‘today,’ and ‘tomorrow,’ for example, don’t occur until Lesson Neih haih mhhaih Wohng Saang a? Hoh Saang haih mhhaih gong Yingman a? For example, Sentence No. Listen to the tape with your book closed, checking the text afterward, if necessary.