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fscommand() is a function that enables a Flash movie to communicate with the application that’s currently holding the movie. The following are examples of. If anyone could help me it would be most appreciated; I am trying to load and external movie into my main movie but here`s the thing I want my. In Air projects, you can use below code to run targeted file in your OS default application: ePath(“”).

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We make the best swf2exe tool on the market and we create custom software solutions for clients all over the world. Executing Applescripts with Fscommands AppleScript is a built-in scripting language for the Macintosh operating system. To use fscommand to send a message to Flash Player, you must use predefined commands and parameters.

Home Macromedia Flash MX The fscommand function lets a SWF file communicate with a script in a web page.

fscommand(“exec”,”” | Adobe Community

Classes, Top-Level Classes, and Instances. This command determines what happens if the user resizes the projector window while your movie is playing.

fof To use fscommand to send a message to a scripting language such as JavaScript in a web browser, you can pass any two parameters in the command and args parameters. There are six built-in FSCommands that the standalone player can execute:. String — A string passed to the host application for any use, or a command passed to Flash Player.


Package flash.system

Thanks guys I figured it out fscommand “allowscale”,”false”. Not all of the commands listed in the table are available in all applications: Fscommxnd exec command runs in the subdirectory fscommand only. Calling fscommand “exec”, “filename” ; will launch the application specified by filename. Removing Dynamically Created Content.

Understanding and Using fscommand()

Reacting to Dynamically Loaded MP3s. You can’t provide a path to the file you want to launch, it has to exist in a special sanboxed folder. Choosing the Right Event Handler. Using fscommand “fullscreen”,”true” and loadMovie Melida put these lines in the first frame of your movie Creating Filled Shapes Dynamically. When you need something easier and more powerful, the next step is a swf2exe application like SWF Studio.

Differences Between ActionScript 1. Macromedia Authorized Training and Certification. Using Actionscript to Draw Lines Dynamically.

The fscommand function is not allowed if the calling SWF file is in the local-with-file-system or local-with-network sandbox and the containing HTML page is in an untrusted sandbox. Most of these products fscmomand an SWF file and wrap it within a powerful executable shell. I have an embedded video and a video player that controls the video all on one layer.


Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. This command forces the standalone player to play at full screen if true or at the defined movie size if false. This shell can be considered a high-tech “box” that contains your SWF.

Time- and Frame-Based Dynamism. About Us Northcode is a software company located in Whitehorse, Canada. Retrieving Data from Server Specifying true sets Flash Player to full-screen mode. Using fscommand “fullscreen”,”true” and loadMovie I am also trying to have my movie be shown full screen. Using fscommand “fullscreen”,”true” and loadMovie fscommands are mainly used for projector files, not web use.

Then you need NativeProcessnot fscommand: Using the PrintJob Class. The Use of Time in Flash.