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Read about Fructul Interzis by Laura Andresan and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Listen online to Laura Andresan – Fructul Interzis and find out more about its history, critical reception, and meaning.

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He was too thirsty. Of course, not a single vampire could resist the sight of humans’ flesh, not to mention the sweet aroma of their blood circulating around their body. Some were barely alive.

Painful screams were heard around the place, both from humans and vampires. So so very jealousand full of admiration.

Fructul oprit

Hyungwon looked back at the crimson liquid on the floor with delight on his face. He was having trouble breathing. Hyungwon badly wanted to help him, to get him to the nearest hospital and save him from the painful part of humanity similar as the beautiful wish of vampires. It took them five years to get used to human food and favor some specific dishes like Hyungwon with pasta, Changkyun with ice cream, Kihyun with garden salads and Hyunwoo with almost every vegan food existed.

They walked pass by wings before they reached where they were heading- the south wing tower.

I couldn’t agree moreeee if you want to continue this storryyyyy: Thank you so much for another beautiful comment again. He inhaled the sweet aroma of blood and it lingered around him.


When he felt that he’d had enough and that the male may have ran out of blood in his system, he pulled his fangs out of the male’s neck. If only I could express in words how gorgeous your writing was in the same furctul you had written such an eloquent story. Living a vampire life was hard but pretending to live like a human was even harder.

It was the male. Amazing work, I felt totally transported to another world, another time, another Hyungwon! It was fructul interzis male who seemed to be rushing inside the store.


And there was no guarantee that humans can’t survive a vampire bite. I hope y’all get my point.

It was impossible for a halfblood to be born. Hyungwon was only able to see the legs first as he was yet to turn to the corner. Times like this, Hyungwon knew for himself that he wasn’t going to be back home without devouring flesh. Other vampires just can’t stand them and their abilities: He felt weak, so weak that he had the strongest urge to just fall on the floor.

Legends were told that halfbloods were born of a human and a vampire.

Fructul Interzis | #MWpromptforyou | MONBEBE Amino

Featured post Thoughts After: I may have tweaked the prompt a bit but you get my point. And for a vampire, blood is the sweetest thing that they could ever digest; 3 If we combine the two, it becomes like “forbidden blood”. It had been ages fructul interzis he last feed off integzis vructul human and somehow, for him, it was all worth the wait.


If only I could fructul interzis in words how gorgeous your writing was in the same way you had written such an fructul interzis story. He handed him thirty dollars and reached out for cents.

We can settle this—” He was interrupted when the door opened and the bell on top of it rang signalling that there was another customer. That was all Hyungwon needed to hear before he closed his eyes.

Fructul oprit 1×01 “Episodul 1” –

He’s only craving for something thirst-quenching and delicious. None of them knew exactly what to do but as if they shared the same thoughts even interzos telepathuc messages, they looked at Kihyun. He could only gulp blood once and no more. Hyungwon stared at the bailey from the castle’s keep.

And what is a halfblood?