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Tasked with escorting a group of goblin prisoners from their camp to civilization for interrogation by the Pathfinder Society, you must protect them not only from. This is the In Character [IC] thread for one of our offical RPG Geek Pathfinder Society Games. Click here to learn how you can join the guild and. You keep on clawing and stomping your way through the forest, and guided by Karg’s wayfinder and your impeccable sense of direction you.

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Season 2 – Year of the Shadow Lodge.

The following characters, concepts, or locations can be found in this scenario, but also significantly appear in the following publications. Grand Convocation Exclusive: Caaptives of the Runelords Season cwptives Day of the Demon Convention Special: Tasked with escorting a group of goblin prisoners from their camp to civilization for interrogation by the Pathfinder Societyyou must protect them not only from the beasts and hazards of the wilderness, but themselves.

The Solstice Scar Quests: David Foley Fri Jul 04 I’ll have to do farther review since I have a poor memory of what I did months ago. Pirate Rob 26 Jul: Please familiarize yourself with https: Testament of Souls Mysteries Under Moonlight p2: Crypt of Fools 42 Echoes of Everwar 2: Frostcur, what level are we playing at?

  SAE J2412 PDF


Pirate Rob, GmPrep, Andi, pfsshardprep. Log in Remember Me? Serious though don’t be on the other of her bow. Secrets frostfhr the Endless Sky FiF p2: Lands of the Linnorm Kings Irrisen.

Red Revolution Heresy of Man 1: An all female party? Log in Forgotten Your Password? The Cindersworn Pact ToW p2: Season 0 – Summary.

The Frostfur Captives | Pathfinder Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The First Heresy Heresy of Man 2: Fantasy Grounds Prep Less. Pirate Rob 05 Nov: You may have to register before you can post: Faptives of the Goblins! Open Game License e Page 12 of Full – You will need a Full licence to play in my games Timezone: Pathfinder Wiki Organized Play Forums. Sign up on the calendar here: Those of you who believe in telekinesis, raise my hand.

Season 10 – Year of the Ten. Pirate Rob 24 Oct: Season 6 – Year of the Sky Key. Does she really need an intro. The Sandstorm Prophecy FiF p1: Season 1 – Summary. We could still use a couple more players.


Organized RPG play at Atomic Empire: PFS The Frostfur Captives on Thursday, Aug 9 | Warhorn

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild scenarios are listed first, with material from other product lines shown thereafter:. Defenders of Nesting Swallow Wonders on the Weave 2: This forum vaptives moderated by: The Cyphermage Dilemma Quest: As a note I only read the chatbox very irregularly. This game will run on Saturday. Great – thanks – anyone else?

The Frostfur Captives

I’ll use this character if we are in the higher tier. On Hostile Waters Wonders in the Weave 1: Chatbox You must be logged in to post comments on this site – please either log in or if you are not registered click here to signup. Season 5 – Year of the Demon. Dungeoneers FG Server Alias:

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