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Gideon Frost is willing to do whatever it takes to earn enough money to save the printing shop that was left to him by his father. But when faced with the prospect. Buy a cheap copy of Frost Fair book by Erastes. “The research behind ‘Frost Fair’ is impressive indeed and the depiction of the winter carnival taking place on. In the first Frost Fair was held-although there’s not that much recorder evidence of it, . Thanks so much to Erastes for stopping by today.

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It’s set in the early s and the author did a great job bringing that era to life. Apr 10, Cat rated it really liked it Shelves: Sodomy Anal or oral intercourse between a man and another man, woman, or beast. Frost Fair by Erastes Goodreads Author. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. No problems — the description is already there. Unspoken words were hanging in th Gideon Frost was man of honor and owner of little printing press shop.

The sex, while not a boink fest, was definitely merow and the end was a lovely happy for now, which I appreciate far more than wrapping it up in a bow. Frost Fair is a nice romance, a bit less angst and froost dark of the previous long novel by Erastes, Standish, and so maybe more cup of tea for a wider audience. Erastes’ third novel second released but third written may be short about 40, words but is certainly not lacking in content.

His social status allows him to mingle with the Ton, but fairr is not like all those nobleman.

Frost Fair

Though I had never heard of them, the Frost Fairs on the Thames River were real-life events that occurred whenever the Thames River froze over, which was usually once every 10 to 20 years.


Were you not saying that you were thinking of getting some pictures done? Joshua realizes his interest in Gideon is far more than charitable, but is the man similarly attracted or merely indebted? For a little while everything is perfect; but the Fate strikes again in the person of Joshua’s friend Thouless, and Joshua is forced to set Gideon loose.

I appreciate the considerable amount of research she put into creating the setting for this story. The only reason this book didn’t get 5 stars from me was because the ending, though complete and happy, didn’t really match the rest of the book IMO because it was too swift in its resolution. Fir book disappointed me.

Rather unfortunately, he has fallen hard for one of his new patrons, Joshua Redfern, with no idea if the man would return his interest. To view erashes, click here. But when faced with the prospect of having to engage in acts society deems unnatural and the law declares punishable by death, he realized there are limits as to how far he’ll go.

She is also the Publisher for Bristlecone Pine Press, an ebook publishing imprint and subsidiary of her business. Mostly, I could smell the tang of the men who desired Gideon, with their advances both wanted and not. The giving of a book does not in any way guarantee a favourable review.

For this one, we actually drop down a few rungs on the social ladder and deal with, well, regular people. Still, it left a nagging feeling in the back of my mind which is why I comment on it. I was so annoyed that once they do reunite, Frost gave in so easily and forgave so quickly.


It was substantially vivid and fwir which almost made me feel like I was really there during the Victorian age.

He falls in love–hopelessly he feels–with a customer, Joshua Redfern, a wealthy man who comes to his shop one day, little knowing that Redfern shares fost predilections and is as in love with Gideon as Gideon is with him. Made for some lovely angst. Mostly, I could smell the tang of the men who desired Gideon, with their advances both wanted and not.

It does nothing to convey the subject of the story and is a disservice to the wonderful tale inside. This was a lovely title to read and was thoroughly enjoyable. But just as ice is erastea to eventually crack, will the circumstances break these two men as they learn that life isn’t always fair?

Frost Fair : Erastes :

I was delighted with this novel for several reasons. As for the characters they were totally believable and well developed,even though the story was a little shorter than most books I read she did a good job bringing the people to life.

I’ve been fan of Erastes since reading Junction Xwhich was fabulously disturbing, and so far, she doesn’t disappoint.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Open Preview See a Problem? Gideon Frost was man of honor and owner of little printing press shop. He’d long been of the opinion that it was better to live like a cair than to put one more man at risk.