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Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler have co-authored They Know Not What . In the sixties, he was an MKULTRA consultant and received research moneys. Below please find the full texts of Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler’s books How The Illuminati Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control. Starseed Radio: Fritz Springmeier – Illuminati & MK- Ultra. Public. · Hosted by Miesha Johnston. Interested. clock. Saturday, September 23, at PM.

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A couple of weeks ago, I found this ID carefully filed away in a file box, with his current driver’s license blown up, as if for examination for duplication.

The topics were on Satanism, witchcraft, Satanic ritual child abuse, and mind control. The books were already made and stored by someone who was formerly in ministry with Fritz and who worked as a liaison between him and the printer.

It is a compilation done sprimgmeier a person, who has first hand knowledge of Fritz and also who knows personally all the people involved in the ministry of Fritz. Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America. Sprigmeier believe our friend and I did you a great disservice by saving Fritz from the consequences of his own action last year.

Show notes are below: Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Then during year I received more phone calls from a number of people and they all said the same thing. Springmeier could be Cisco, but under a new name. Many of them had performed “botched” surgeries or done damage to a patient by subscribing the wrong medication. While doing research on the Illuminati, he came across a woman by the name of Linda Anderson, who uses the alias, Cisco Wheeler.

Schoff [1] is an American right wing conspiracy theorist author, formerly a resident of Corbett, Oregonu,tra has written a number of books claiming that Satanic forces are behind a move toward world domination by various families and organizations.

There was so much detailed information on how things were done in the mind control programs, that I felt it was almost like he was teaching us how to do it.

The information coming out concerning Fritz Springmeier indicates that he is either caught up in sinful activities, or he is a counter intelligence agent working to catch victims coming out, and then either discourage them to the degree that they lose hope and return to their handlers, or they commit suicide.


At this time I spent some time with Fritz and he seemed to have overcome his anger against me for speaking out against Johnny Todd. Paul Smith and Bill Ray are remote viewers that were involved with the legendaty Project Star Gate military experiments on psychic phenonena.

Fritz wasn’t every appreciative of ultrz help, however, yet he shouldn’t be able to look me in the face and say “you never have supported my ministry.

The people who have spoken to me and written to me are people who have known Fritz personally, some a long time others a shorter time. In order to protect itself, the intelligence service will operate counter intelligence, and place agents in Christian circles to trap any victim or agent who is trying to escape this springmsier world of darkness.

Fritz Springmeier – Another Human Tragedy

There was a time when all educated people knew the myths of Rome and Greece. We discuss the odds of moving up thr ladder and striking it rich. We consider some of the many ways in which Western culture has m In fact, last winter I wrote a long letter to the publishers of “The Little Cloud Report,” Camille Blumstrum, defending my husband against their anti-Semitic accusations I remember that you also wrote in his defense — thank you.

On Friday, August 25,Fritz was served with divorce papers.

Ron makes an interesting observation: And they do it “in the name of Jesus. I can count on two hands the number of times zpringmeier he has spent the night in our home during that time.

Views Read View source View history. Apparently, you have little knowledge and are extremely dangerous to the Christian side of things The police talked to the printer to get his side of the story and he reconfirmed that the books were not officially the property of Springmeier because he had springmeie paid for them.

Two of the people were released, but a third suspect, Forrest E. I pray that I do not rationalize my sins away, but confront them and deal with them.

Starseed Radio: Fritz Springmeier – Illuminati & MK- Ultra

Many thought he was arrogant and obnoxious as he constantly interrupted the speakers and thought he should have been a presenter because of his vast knowledge about MPD, mind control, and ritual abuse. Let us pray that God will do a mighty work and redeem one of his fallen servants, Fritz Springmeier. Learning difference between general and specific truths.


The 90s was a dim decade when compared to the party of the 80s. While we recognize that words have slringmeier so many of us miss that numbers do as well. Springmeierdocket no.

Fritz Springmeier

When I tried to talk to the women that Fritz had with him, they had very little to say and seemed afraid. We also discuss his books and current works. To summarize they springkeier My advice to you Fritz feitz this, stop in your tracks, take an inventory of your life, be totally and brutally honest with yourself, ask God to forgive you for what you have done wrong, and then seek out a Bible preaching loving pastor and church where you live, and put yourself under that pastor and church and ask them to help you to be healed in your soul and body, so that once again you can begin to function in the kingdom of God.

Should communications networks share technology with weapons? Only through the prayers of his wife, children and others in the church was he set free, but he was in torment for several years.

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. springmeeir

A year later evidence was presented to this pastor that Todd was not only preaching and teaching in churches, but he was still into witchcraft, teaching and recruiting new members for the witch covens.

Thus all I can tell you is that a group of people who for the last ten tritz have been around Fritz, seeing what went on behind the scenes, they could not maintain their integrity with God and at the same time support Fritz Springmeier.