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A group of Penn State trustees on Friday said they have finished their own investigation into the Freeh Report that led to NCAA sanctions and a. As the Sandusky trial proceeded toward conviction in June , it was reported that “[t]he university says that [Freeh’s] report. The page report from Freeh’s law firm was characterized as The Freeh Report had far-reaching outcomes for Penn State.

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Retrieved 28 October Penn State’s Aa1 revenue-bond rating had also been “placed on review for possible downgrade” by Moody’s Investors Service because of the scandal’s possible effects on the university’s finances.

Freeh and the FBI were praised for the handling of the day standoff between law enforcement agents and the Montana Freemen, a fringe political group. InMoody was sentenced to seven federal life terms, plus relort. Yahoo NewsNovember 18, Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Government Information heard testimony from Freeh regarding the leaking of Richard Jewell ‘s name to the media in connection with the bombing at the Olympic Games.

At the same meeting, the board turned down Paterno’s proposal to finish out the season and instead stripped him of his coaching duties immediately; defensive coordinator Tom Bradley was named the interim coach for the remainder of the season.

July report on Freeh recommendations shows quick action by Penn State

The accuser said Sandusky was attempting to negotiate oral sex with him in the bathroom while Sandusky’s wife was in the apartment and that she came to the “edge” of the bathroom for a few words with Sandusky including “What are you doing in there?

Later in a footnote Bangs states “The terrifically significant disparity between the finding in the Freeh report and the actual truth is disturbing. Archived from the original on April 19, Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

Goldberg, Barbara; McCune, Greg, eds. One month after the explosion, psh at the FBI crime laboratory in Washington found traces of PETNan explosive component of bombs and surface-to-air missiles.

In SeptemberFreeh was appointed to the board of directors of credit card issuer MBNA ; he also served as the bank’s general counselas well as corporate secretary and ethics officer. Shower abuse victim to sue Penn State”. After McQueary was identified as the graduate assistant who reported the incident, he was criticized for not intervening to protect the boy from Sandusky an accusation McQueary has since disputed []as well as for not reporting the incident to police himself.


While Matthew Sandusky originally took fresh adopted father’s ;su when he was first questioned by the grand jury, he later revealed that Jerry Sandusky had started to sexually abuse him when he was eight years old. The board accepted it and named provost Rodney Erickson as interim president. Spanier remains tenured faculty member Archived April 3,at the Wayback Machine.

Retrieved 27 July Education Secretary Arne Duncan to probe whether Penn State violated the Clery Act when it failed to report Sandusky’s alleged incidents of child molestation that took place on campus. Jerry Sandusky interview prompts long-ago victims to contact lawyer”.

Freeh found a “total and consistent disregard by the most senior leaders at Penn State for the safety and welfare of Sandusky’s child victims”, which “empowered” Sandusky to continue his abuse.

Penn State child sex abuse scandal – Wikipedia

The Patriot-News, November 17, Parker scolded the US government for its treatment of Lee, saying that the top decision makers in the case “have embarrassed this entire nation and each of us who is a citizen of it” and that they had been “led astray” by US government officials.

The case produced evidence embarrassing for the NCAA. Inthe editorial staff of Business Week called for the resignation of Freeh, citing the Carnivore communications-monitoring system, the alleged Waco cover-up, and insubordination to Attorney General Reno as reasons.

Raykovitz was also a highly trained professional on handling such allegations.

freeh report

In Marchthe investigation ended when all three either pleaded or were found guilty of misdemeanor charges of child endangerment. Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation — Despite Penn Fdeeh banning Sandusky from bringing freeeh onto the main campus inhe was allowed to operate a summer camp through his Sandusky Associates company [32] from to at Penn State’s Behrend satellite campus near Erie, where he had daily contact with boys from fourth grade to high school.

Instead, based on the subpoena, the federal probe seemed to be focusing on a possible cover-up by school officials.

Tavis Smiley – PBS.

PR NewswireNovember 28, Penn State spokesman Lawrence Lokman said university officials involved in cases rreeh to the Sandusky scandal were aware of the new allegations contained in the insurance case broadly; Lokman said to Penn Live: Retrieved January 16, Louis Freeh said in his book My FBI that he felt the deepest about the Khobar Towers investigation, and it was not until his last day in office, June 21,a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia returned a count indictment against 14 defendants charged with the Khobar Towers attack.

Retrieved July 26, Retrieved November 1, The University today March 26 provided another update on the progress being made in meeting most of the recommendations spelled out in a report by the Freeh Group, a consultant group hired in November to conduct an independent investigation of the University’s response to allegations of sexual abuse committed by former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.


He further stated that he “did not see insertion nor was there any verbiage or protest, screaming or yelling” and denied frseh using the words “anal” or “rape” to describe the incident to anybody. Sandusky testified when it was still uncertain whether her husband would testify. Sandusky said her husband was having a disagreement, including yelling, with the boy — whom she said was in the bathroom, but “clothed” — about attending a luncheon.

He admitted to showering with other boys and refused to discontinue the practice. Reno, who had herself been blamed for mishandling of the confrontation and investigation, sent United States Marshals to FBI headquarters to seize Waco-related evidence.

Rock Center with Brian Williams. Further, following reports of the arrests, criticism of Penn State leadership and Paterno himself included calls for their dismissal for allegedly “protecting Penn State’s brand instead of a child” [] [] and allowing Sandusky to retain emeritus status and unfettered access to the university’s football program and facilities, despite knowledge of the allegations of sexual abuse.

Shortly after noon on August 25,Freeh was headed south on Vermont 12, in his GMC Yukonwhen he drove off the east side of the road. Penn State officials reported today July 17 on the rapid implementation of repotr but one of the changes recommended in a report compiled by independent investigator and federal Judge Louis Freeh in the aftermath of the child sexual abuse committed by former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

Archived from the original on June 4, Victim One withdrew from Central Mountain High School due to bullying[] and the boy’s mother has stated that repoet high school did not do enough to prevent the fallout.

Duncan announced an investigation into repoft Clery Act violations at Penn State, saying that colleges and universities have “a legal and moral responsibility to protect children”, and that Penn State’s failure to report the alleged abuse would be a “tragedy”. The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

This probe was separate from the Clery Act investigation.