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Learn the biggest Mind Control technique there is to attract women: Fractionation Seduction!. So, you have read a bit about Fractionation Seduction, and you’re curious. You’ve I’m going to show you to use this technique to your benefit. The solution to that problem is Fractionation. With the Fractionation technique, you can short-circuit a.

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Fractionation, the Secret Seduction Technique Demystified

This technique is nothing but a form fractlonation. All it does is it makes one attractive to us and we want to be around them all the time. Does it really work? The idea that women are objects, and the general concept behind this article, perpetuates this toxicity. Repeat the sequence of these two steps and she will be yours. Pickup Artists, eat your heart out”. Then proceed to take the following steps.

Fractionation Seduction Guide™ – How To Get Any Girl To Like You

Truth is fractionation is a common method which you will recognize if given a few examples. Now here, Is it possible for a person to fractionate people at the same time.

This is where good conversational skills and body language come into play. Easier said than done. Show interest in her, and compliment her. As you will understand, something as powerful as Fractionation is not without its consequences. The rewards will be priceless, though be warned that you may be harming another woman unintentionally, whether you like it or not.

Do you accept Paypal? Finally, a full guide on fractionation. And that, my friend, is the Fractionation effect. When your favorite cruise director is visiting NYC you drop everything and invite him over for a glass of Yalumba Patchwork Shiraz.


For best results, make her describe the experience in the most vivid way possible. So far, so good? Well, just go here: You are not really in love.

Instead of telling a canned story or routine, you can ask her questions that shifts her focus from the present to the future and back to the present again. Or is there something else to do before I start the routine?

Basically, it is a hypnosis process where you bring a woman in and out of trance so that her experience in getting hypnotized increases over time. September 5, at You can ask Derek in private over at his platform — https: There is no such thing.

Fractionation Seduction Technique – Use At Your Own Risk

Enter your email address below only if you agree. It is a reversing suggestion that WILL bring you out of the loop. Dating coaches will advise against this technique because 1. The second set is a specialized Fractionation sequence which you can use to rekindle an old romance or get an ex-girlfriend back. He listens defensively, or may be acknowledging your points politely without agreeing with you outright. On the next page, there is a resource which will give you even more powerful Mind Control tactics that you can add to your toolbox.

There some things you must not do whether you are in a relationship or in the process of pursuing a woman. An emotional bond encourages a woman to open up. Being the “Nice Guy” doesn’t pay for shit. However, when it comes to the seduction game, the use of hypnosis is pivotal to make any woman want you almost immediately. They should probably go see a shrink instead and get their heads examined.

Do not go overboard with the fluff talk, but make sure you get back to the story so that she can continue imagining the process of falling in love. I am sorry to hear this. The word fractionation is defined as the division of a mixture into several smaller portions.


As she narrates her story, you can analyze her true feelings. Cal, since you and Derek Rake are somehow connected, was wondering if you know of some hardcore persuasion stuff like what Derek Mentioned in Shogun ala MK Delta.

Fractionation gets seductino name from the scientific definition of the same word: Never tried healing yourself first. You might be aware of how soap operas work — by bringing the audience through emotional roller coasters, they create a huge following through fractipnation storytelling. Make sure you look your best wear something trendy, smell nice, etc. However, given the amount of details inside this guide, it can indeed be difficult to remember everything. Fractionation seduction creates an emotional bond.

And I am a straight white male that grew up in a middle class family. But the good news is that you can help yourself. Relationship experts have found that partners who tell each other secrets stay long in their relationships.

Then, feel the build-up of excitement inside you, and let that feeling overwhelm you. In the book, the author had mentioned an obscure technique known as the October Man Sequenceand how it had the purported superpowers to make a woman fall in love in very short amount of time.