FR A720 11K PDF

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Kitoma Indonesia – Mitsubishi Inverter Freqrol FR-AK. FR-A Series. FR -AK; FR-AK; FR-AK; FR-AK; FR-AK. Find great deals for 1pc Mitsubishi Fr-ak FRAK One Year. Shop with confidence on eBay!. FR-AK or higher, FR-AK or higher. 1)Remove the upper screws. 2) Remove the lower screws. 3)Pull the jumper toward you to remove. 4) Connect.

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Speed Varies During Operation Check first when you have a trouble 4. This inverter is optimal for fan and pump applications.

1pc Mitsubishi Fr-a720-11k FRA72011K One Year

Holding time at a 0. The following parts may deteriorate with age because of their structures or physical characteristics, leading to reduced performance or fault of the inverter. Page Output frequency Hz frequency Pr. Got it, continue to print.

Mitsubishi Inverter Fr-D740-5.5k /Fr-A720-11k

Control Circuit Terminals Wiring 2. Operation panel indication is PS. Before Operation Before operation 3. Page 28 Wiring Terminal Terminal Rated Refer to Description Symbol Name Specifications page Switched low when the inverter output frequency is equal to or Inverter higher than the starting frequency initial value 0.

Step of operation Step of operation f op Page Position control under PM sensorless vector control Pr. Users vr not have to consider each parameter number. Mitsubishi inverter FR-A series Pr.: Outline dimension drawings 6. Plug-in option sscnet iii communication function 86 pages.

When reinstalling the operation panel, insert it straight to reinstall securely and tighten the fixed screws of the operation panel.


For torque control, therefore, the speed is determined by the load. Also See for FR-A Parameter List Parameter List 3. Page Low-speed range torque characteristics Pr. Wiring 9 Combination cr a vector control dedicated motor Refer to the table below when using with a vector control dedicated motor.

Parameter setting mode Press to choose the parameter setting mode. Multi-speed setting [Connection diagram] Speed 1 Inverter When using the electronic thermal relay function as motor overload protection, set the rated motor current to Pr.


Parameter Initial Setting Name Operation Number Setting Range Disables the low-speed range torque characteristic Low-speed range torque current synchronization operation.

If you are going to utilize functions and performance, refer to the Instruction.

Follow the following procedure to change the setting for the PM sensorless vector control. Inspection item 3 Smoothing capacitors A large-capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitor is used for smoothing in the main circuit DC section, gr an aluminum electrolytic capacitor is used for stabilizing the control power in the control circuit.

Connection of stand-alone option units 2 Connection with the MT-HC vr or higher After making sure the wiring is correct, set the following parameters.

Daily inspection must be performed to prevent any fault from occurring due to the adverse effects of the operating environment, such as temperature, humidity, dust, dirt and vibration, changes in the parts with time, service life, and other factors. Page 94 – Start and stop using terminals External Page Installation of the heatsink portion outside the enclosure for use 3 Installation of the inverter Push the inverter heatsink portion outside the enclosure and fix the enclosure and inverter with upper and lower installation frame.


Connect the equipment to the earth securely. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Operation panel FR-DU07 3. After connecting securely, set “1” in Pr. The EMC filter is always valid.

1pc Mitsubishi Fr-ak FRAK One Year | eBay

Usb Connector Wiring 2. Output is not shut off.

Operation Move the operation panel to the inverter to be verified. From as small as 0. Refer to page 9. Parameter Setting Value Input Using the energy conservation mode provided as part of the intelligent operation modes it is possible to control the inverter output voltage so that the amount of motor loss is reduced.

Page 74 Before operation POINT If a20 conditions below are not satisfied, malfunction such as insufficient torque and uneven rotation may occur. Page 4 Utilizing or changing offline auto tuning data The data measured in the offline auto tuning can be read and utilized or changed.

Page 91 – Setting the frequency by switches multi Step Of Operation Step of operation 1. When either is ON, the operation mode cannot be signal changed. The setting displayed is in [kHz]. Before operation Phenomenon Cause Countermeasures 1 The speed command varies. Operation other than is invalid.