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The Fostex FR2LE is something of a less expensive sequel to the popular Fostex FR2 supply, remote control, draw‑string carrying bag and instruction manual. Fostex FR2-LE Portable Digital Solid State Sound Recorder. FOSTEX FR-2LE SPECIFICATIONS | info | pdf | manual | accessories | media | buy |. View and Download Fostex FR-2LE owner’s manual online. FIELD MEMORY RECORDER. FR-2LE Recording Equipment pdf manual download.

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FR-2LE functions by looking through this chapter. When you select the File menu in step 2executing step 3 brings up the screen for selecting an audio file in the ADL.

Manuals : Fostex Support

About Memory Card Also be sure to insert a card in the correct direction and side. This item selects the default audio format of a memory card when it is formatted.

fosgex Its explanations assume that you have basic knowledge and experience of professional digital recording. Page 68 Field Memory Recorder Chapter 5: Page 96 – Selecting the monitor mode Monitor Mode It is assumed that a memory card regardless of whether it is the supplied memory card or another one is inserted to the slot.

The renamed scene name is confirmed and the display returns to the previous screen In the example below, “Original Name” is fpstex. Now this is odd. Page 93 – Selecting the default recording format June 14, Page 85 Field Memory Recorder Chapter 7: Table Of Contents About software update Includes 19 menu items for FR-2LE preferences, etc.


This prevents missing tostex start of important recording. Playback FR-2LE In the fr2l description, it is assumed that more than one audio file is recorded to the card and the recorder is stopped at the beginning of the first created audio file. Field Memory Recorder Chapter 2: Exporting audio files to a PC Default file name setting if needed When you starts recording, an audio file is newly created on the memory card and its file name is automatically given.

Page 48 Field Memory Recorder Chapter 3: Page 13 3 Setup menu See page 91 for details.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Enabling or disabling the auto level control and limiter functions ALC The “ALC” item enables or disables the auto level control and limiter functions.

You can edit the default reel number which is given when a memory card is formatted.

Except as specified below, this warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship in this product. Basic Connections Chapter 4: Page 5 Connecting to an external microphone I dream in beige.

Precautions On Installation In such a case, leave the unit for a while until it warms up and evaporates any moisture. Menu Mode Screens This message appears when the battery for operating the in- ternal realtime clock is exhausted.

This item sets the scene name and take number which are used in a file name when the file name mode is set to “Take” see the previous page. Page 37 – Chapter 3: The restored audio file can be played back, as well as its file name frr2le be edited.

  ASTM E1290 PDF

Important Safety Instructions Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the apparatus.

That chip is used in music players with reportedly good audio. Note that Fostex is not responsible for any damage of a card caused by incorrect card handling. Home screen After the unit is turned on and starts up, the “Home screen” Page 99 – Setting the default file name Default F Page – Enabling or disabling the error tone fun I wonder, is it possible to find a service manual anywhere? If any data is recorded on the card, the remaining space which can be used for recording by the FR-2LE may be smaller.

The take number currently set starts flashing by default, “”.

Fostex FR-2LE Owner’s Manual

We recommend you to set the maximum file size depending on the file size your personal computer can import. I don’t think it’s fixable, it just came that way. Enabling Or Disabling The Pre Record Function pre Rec When the pre record function is enabled, recording fr2ls with 2 seconds of audio data stored in the buffer.