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You have to fill I, Affidavit of support form, if you need to show that you can financially support your relatives (or anyone else) visiting the U.S. You do not. Simply prepare Affidavit of Support – Form I online. Instructions included allowing you to easily complete the affidavit of support to file with USCIS. I am willing and able to receive, maintain, and support the person(s) named in item 3. I am ready and willing to deposit a bond, if necessary, to guarantee that.

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How do I file od Affidavit of Support? If your mailing address is the same as your physical address such as your home, select Yes.

Which Affidavit of Support Form I or I to use? |

In the case of U. If the petitioner has created an account on uscis. What is an affidavit of support? How much income does a person afidavit to make with a family of 5 to be a sponsor on an affidavit of support? Orphan to be Adopted in the United States by a U.

Our teams spend hundreds of hours every week improving how our systems work to make your experience the best it can be on any device.

F3 Family Third Preference: K visa applications include: For anyone coming to the U.

Questions 5a — 5h: Form I is the Affidavit of Support form used for all family-based immigrant applications and some employment based affiidavit applications. Our software was built by immigration professionals and currently used by immigration attorneys. To use the on-line form see the button at the bottom of this page: No mortgage documents needed. For this reason, it is not necessary to sign Form I before a afffidavit, nor to have your signature notarize after you sign it.


What is Form I? They are often required as a part of the visa or green card application. For all other types of visa, select any one the status below. A nonimmigrant visa is the visa issued to persons wishing to temporary visit or work in the U. Where afffidavit submit the form depends on whether the alien you are sponsoring is in or outside the United States and what type of application is being submitted.

In your case you shall have to satisfy the Visa officer that your pf your son as nd his family have a bonafide and genuine we reason of going to US forba definite purpose.

How It Works Briefly tell us about your case Provide your contact information Choose attorneys to contact you. Click here to download the form.

So, what does this mean exactly? We have no connection to U. This must be completed in Part 7, page 8 of 8. An immigrant visa is issued to persons wishing to immigrate to the U. Can my wife sponsor me for US visa in India? What affidavit of support should i use if im not sponsoring but a family member is? We pride ourselves in running the latest technology to make the immigration application process easy and secure. Affidavit of support is to be submitted when you are paying for their trip and other expenses like lodging, food, insurance if any etc.

This may also include long term government institutionalization such as for mental illness. What documents should I produce for a visa interview if I am going to attend a conference in USA under B1 visa category and my parents are spo To begin the 1-1344 to obtain an Affidavit of Support, you may begin by completing Form I Form I is the Affidavit of Support form used only for K nonimmigrant applications when the beneficiary will be coming affidvit the United States permanently and will adjust status to permanent resident once in the United States.


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Contrary to popular misconception, almost all family alien relative petitions form I will require you to file an Affidavit of Support form I at one point or another in the process. My in-laws traveled in and I did not submit I The United States Citizenship affidavt Immigration Services USCIS requires for you to submit a different affidavit of support form depending on whether you have filed an immigrant visa petition or a non-immigrant visa petition.

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Form i-134 Affidavit of Support for USCIS – Sample Pre-filled

Our teams spend hundreds of hours every week improving how our systems work to make your experience the best it can be on any device. How can I get a sponsor to the U. Click on the link below to be taken to part 2 of the affidavit. If the sponsor is in the United States, the affidavit may be sworn to or affirmed before an immigration officer see any USCIS District or sub-office or before a notary public or other official authorized to administer oaths for general purposes.