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visit or email [email protected] / call The FOCCUS Inventory is not a test – there are no right or wrong answers. It is a . Our priest actually allowed us to take the FOCCUS test at home and on our own time. Then we brought them back, he scored them and we discussed some of. Our first step in preparing for a Catholic wedding was to take something called the FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication.

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August 23, at 4: May I would ask for more help from your church. The whole thing taking the test, having it scored, and talking to the priest probably took about an hour. So my “interpretation” was a total bust too. Is there an Inventory for Married Couples?

FOCCUS | Pre-Marriage Inventory

Still, that issue was pushed as something we need to continue to discuss and figure out. We disagree with each other over some teachings of the church. So, after you take the test, our church has you meet with an older married couple to go over some of the things that might need to be discussed between you and your partner.

We are active members in our church and it was really important to us—and to our families—that our faith was a part of our wedding ceremony.


February in Catholic Weddings. These were in a bar graph showing percentages and there are asterisk trst each sections so the more asterisk you get the better. The best way the test spurred discussion for us was right after we took it we started talking about some of the questions, what they meant, how we interpreted them, how we felt about them, etc. I just wish we were geting more actual counseling from the priest.

There were at least 50 couples in the room and my FI and I were next to each other when we did it. The questions are soooooo ambigious and badly worded, and every single question you wrote “uncertain” on was probably flagged as unmatching.

Sample Questions

We get our resuts tonight. The Deacon administered our test. Then we brought them back, he scored them and we discussed some of.

We had things that were flagged for discussion.

We took ours a while back and there are a LOT of questions! I can withdraw my consent at any time by unsubscribing. Questions about are you on the same page about kids, arguements, etc.

FOCCUS | Pre-Marriage Inventory Frequently Asked Questions

Tesh the priest is the course organizer, I would wait late after class one night and tell him about your concerns. Groomy about some of them and it really did facilitate communication.


It was interesting to talk with Dr. Source for all of the above. Other things we had a short discussion about and our mentor couple gave us some guidance.

(Closed) FOCCUS Test

Be prepared to read carefully! Here’s a link to sample questions: Some of them were really thought-provoking.

Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files. Honestly, I am very happy that my FI and I are getting married in a religious setting because without this we would not have been thinking through a lot of issues we have and what we need to ‘fix’ to make a marriage a long lasting one. August sig challenge: When I took it, it was a long test of questions regarding your relationship and your future marriage.

There is a special section at the end for “cohabitation couples” don’t even bother trying to lie and say you don’t live together.

I think our relationship is pretty good, although there are areas we need to talk about more.