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FM Preface. This manual is one of a series that describes a capabilities- based Opposing Force (OPFOR) for training US Army commanders, staffs, and. This manual is one of a series that describes a capabilities-based Opposing Force (OPFOR) for training US Army commanders, staffs, and units. If not, the infantry-based forces of FM may better fit training needs. . Likewise, some types of OPFOR described in FM can.

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However, it would probably receive additional support from national-level engi- neer organizations. These weapons provide a minimum of fire sup- port for the reconnaissance company during movement by vehicle. These units are primarily combat engineers. For example, a military district might have either an engineer 100–63 or an engineer battalion.

Rather, it relies on the brigade-level motor transport battalion p.

Maintenance brigades have three or four maintenance battalions identical to those found in divisions and districts pp. In that case the battery would have a third mortar platoon.

Full text of “FM Infantry-Based Opposing Force”

This guide provides example equipment types and the numbers of each type typically found in specific organizations. In some cases, the medium trucks in this motor transport section may carry a This chapter provides more detail on the various types of units that may be available for allocation from the national asset pool. The mo- torized infantry battalion also has some wheeled vehicles in its signal and logistics support ele- ments.


You’re right, that FM is not found on the internet Normally, the command has one SPF brigade.

Depending on the situation, the airborne infantry or commando battalion commander may retain the entire AGL platoon under his own control, or he may allocate its squads to indi- vidual companies. Some infantry battalions may have a mortar battery with nine mm mortars p. The basic maneuver unit is the brigade consisting of three or four maneuver battalions and a wide array of combat support and combat service support elements.

The equipment listing for the reconnaissance and EC battalion includes the assets of the RPV squadron. One squad per platoon has an SVD sniper rifle.

Infantry-Based Opposing Force — FM 100-63

For example, a separate tank battalion is not part of a tank brigade. However, the mortar crew can move the mortar over short distances when necessary. Armor- and Mechanized-Based Opposing Force: The matrixes list most of 1000-63 major baseline systems in the organization guide and provide a number of potential substitutes for each.

Ffm motorcycle section may also provide courier service. The region may or may not retain some of these national assets to form a military region artillery group MR AG. The directorate has only one operations battalion. This truck carries additional radios. Movement of the weapons company re- quires 3 utility trucks and 12 light trucks.

FM [Archive] – Survival and Preparedness Forum

All Army training venues should use an OPFOR based on these manuals, except when mission rehearsal or contingency training requires maximum fidelity to a specific country-based threat. Regi- ments with two mm gun-howitzer battalions are more common in districts with more than three maneuver brigades.

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The General Staff also controls a FROG rocket brigade or battalion allo- cated to a region conducting the main effort. In keeping with its behind-the-lines missions, the SPF team is lightly equipped. Are you looking for FM or FM ?

Mf mixed AA gun battalions may have two batteries of Standard squadron strength is either 15 or 20 aircraft. Entries may include system name, caliber of main armament, vehicle mount for self-propelled systemsand digraph for country of origin.

Normally, one squad per platoon has a flamethrower, RPO. Squadrons may be regionally affiliated, as with air defense units. It just doesn’t exist in electronic format that I could find. The number of commando battalions lo- cated at the national level depends on how many have been subordinated to military districts.

If the regiment has a third pontoon bridge battalion, it may not have the assault crossing battalion shown here. Some rm regiments may have the structure shown above. The motorcycle section provides courier service for the battalion commander. To fill in gaps, in such cases, trainers could use those parts of the capabilities-based OPFOR that are most consistent with what they do know about a specific threat.