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Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has died aged To celebrate the life of this remarkable figure in history, we present a selection from. On trial in Santiago for leading a bloody assault on the city’s Moncada garrison, young revolutionary leader Fidel Castro uttered a phrase in court that would. Fidel Castro: “History Will Absolve Me”. Excerpts from his own defense, delivered at his trial, October Fidel Castro in ; We have fomented a rebellion.

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To release this river of blood, he waited for the Centennial of the Apostle, just after the fiftieth anniversary of the Republic, whose people fought for freedom, human rights and happiness at the cost of so many lives. Public opinion was respected and heeded and all problems of common interest were freely discussed. I declare that they would not! How to keep secret what had really happened, when so many young men were willing to risk everything – prison, torture and death, if necessary – in order that the truth be told before this Court?

My Star location Select Location. Honourable Magistrates, I am that humble citizen who one day demanded in vain that you punish the power-hungry men who had violated the law and torn our Constitution to shreds. Those ministers avsolve chat away in a Fifth Avenue mansion until not even the dust of the bones of those whose problems require immediate solution remains.

The Honorable Prosecutor’s famous little article hardly deserves a minute of my time. The nation needs an explanation. Did not Tabernilla, in a memorandum, forbid them to talk with anyone opposed to the government, that is to say, with ninety-nine percent of the people?

Our educational system is perfectly compatible with the rest of our national situation. Barriguilla is that sergeant of Weyler’s who assassinated twelve Cubans in Guatao. The troops led by Captain Calvo speedily rounded up all the civilians that were running about the village, tied them up and took casyro as prisoners of war to Je More on this story. Although absent from Court, I was able, in my prison cell, to follow the trial in all its details. I need clearness of mind and peace in my heavy heart in order to relate the facts as simply as possible, in no sense dramatizing them, but just as they took place.


In the words of a South American liberator: Let me remind you, your laws of procedure provide that trials shall be ‘public hearings;’ however, the people have been barred altogether from this session of Court.

This is not an inconceivable thought. It is well-known in Cuban history that assassination of prisoners was fatally linked with Batista’s name.

Surely the regime was not prepared for the moral catastrophe in store for it! But this is proven even more clearly by a recent development. Photographs, which do not lie, show the bodies torn to pieces, Other methods were used.

History Will Absolve Me by Fidel Castro

They have all the victims’ names, because prior to every murder they recorded all the vital statistics. There were three victims – they had been dragged from Manzanillo Barracks at two that morning. On the Army target range alone, five of our men lie buried. If, with less than 20, pesos, we armed men and attacked a regiment and a squadron, then with a million pesos we could have armed 8, men, to attack 50 regiments and 50 squadrons – and Ugalde Carrillo still would not have found out until Sunday, July 26th, at 5: Liked it 4 stars: Thanks to this the Court learned the details of this crime too.

At a certain spot on the highway they were taken out, beaten unconscious, and strangled with a rope. Quotes from History Will Abso Batista delivered himself into the hands of the great financial interests. I have heard prosecutors speak ten times longer in a simple narcotics case asking for a sentence of just six months. More than half of our most productive land is in the hands of foreigners.

In Oriente, the largest province, the lands of the United Fruit Company and the West Indian Company link the northern and southern coasts. But they did not wish to face me. The statements made by the Dictator at Camp Columbia might be considered amusing if they were not so drenched in blood. First of all, the dictatorship that oppresses the nation is not a constitutional power, but an unconstitutional one: His regime merely brought with it a change of hands and a redistribution of the loot among a new group of friends, relatives, accomplices and parasitic hangers-on that constitute the political retinue of the Dictator.


The sadists, brutes, conveyors of all the ancestral atavisms go about in the guise of human beings, but they are monsters, only more or less restrained by discipline and social habit.

History Will Absolve Me

As attorney he has not even been able to take a look at the indictment. People have just contemplated with horror the case of the journalist who was kidnapped and subjected to torture by fire for twenty days. But no one yielded. Absolev dawn, when the cocks crow as if they were bugles calling soldiers to reveille, and when the sun rises radiant over the rugged mountains, it seems that once again we will live the days of Yara or Baire!

Groan at my ears! Until this hour they awaited orders. So US did what it always does put lives of its own soldiers and those of people of other countries to save guard it’s material interests.

‘History will absolve me’ — memorable quotes from Fidel Castro over five decades

History will absolve me. The speech presents the desired intentions of the revolution, while supporting the ideals with past history through the world. Be the first to ask a fodel about History Will Absolve Me.