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Fariduddin Attar. likes. Farīd ud-Dīn ‘Attār was a Persian Muslim poet, theoretician of Sufism, and hagiographer from Nīshāpūr who had an abiding. Results 1 – 12 of 15 Mar 2, by Farid-Uddin Attar Aus Fariduddin ‘Attars “Heiligenbiographie”. by Fariduddin Attar and Annemarie Schimmel. Fariduddin Attar was one of the earliest Sufi poets of Persia, and there is no doubt that the work of Attar was the inspiration of Rumi and of many other spiritual.

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The king commanded mirrors to be placed About the palace walls, and when he faced Their polished surfaces his image shone With fariiduddin splendour to the throne.

Attar of Nishapur Quotes (Author of The Conference of the Birds)

The third valley confounds the birds, especially when they discover that their worldly knowledge has become completely useless and their understanding has become ambivalent. The Sheikh walked on for a long while without hearing the least sound, and without perceiving anyone.

All that they had farididdin or omitted to do during their earthly existence passed entirely out of mind. I can say no more; pardon me and oppose me not. How can I give it away, even to God? When riding through fariduddon streets he did not fail To hide his features with a scarlet veil. While she was on the way, an inner voice apprised the Sheikh of what was passing.

Encyclopædia Iranica

How can you reach the Simorgh’s splendid court? The next night, in a dream, the devotee saw the criminal in heaven, with his face shining like the sun. It is this process which is explained by Attar in his description of the seven valleys through which this Bird of the Sky has passed. In their new world, the planets are as minute as sparks of dust and elephants are not distinguishable from ants.


Love’s pain will murder him and blandly ask A surgeon’s fee for managing the task – The water that he drinks brings pain, his bread Is turned to blood immediately shed; Though he is weak, faint, feebler than an ant, Love forces him to be her combatant; He cannot take one mouthful unaware That he is floundering in a sea of care. So many errors throng the world – then why Should we not risk this quest?

I have drunk wine, I have adored idols; no one could do more for love than I have done. Whoever scanned the veil would lose his head; Whoever spoke his name was left for dead, The tongue ripped from his mouth; whoever thrilled With passion for this faridudin was quickly killed. The part and whole are lost in thy essence. The fourth valley is introduced as the valley of detachment, i.

When the ocean is agitated, how can the figures traced on its waters remain? In other words, we take away the home which has always belonged to someone else and fill it with delusion and call it our own.

Eventually, he abandoned his pharmacy store and traveled widely – to BaghdadBasraKufaMeccaMedinaDamascusKhwarizmTurkistanand Indiameeting with Sufi Shaykhs – and returned promoting Sufi ideas. Yes, we must become one with the fire itself, for otherwise one cannot atatr there. In loving our friend, in loving our neighbor, even in the rariduddin that one shows to one’s enemy, one is only loving God.

Submitted tags will be reviewed by site administrator before it is posted online. He had contemplated Beauty beyond all words, and yet he was not sure whether he had seen It after all.

The Ghazals often seem from their outward vocabulary just to be love and wine songs with a predilection for libertine imagery, but generally imply spiritual experiences in the familiar symbolic language of classical Islamic Sufism.


Paintings by Habiballah of Sava active ca. As soon as he has closed his eyes, as soon as he has relaxed his body, stilled his mind and lost the limitations of his consciousness, he begins to float in the unlimited spheres.

Since he has erred through ignorance, I pardon him, and grant him access to the highest rank of saints. The source of happiness or unhappiness is all in man himself. The seven seas are then no more than a pool of water; the seven planets are a spark; the eight paradises are only a single curtain; the seven hells a mass of ice. In the rest of this article the authentic works are discussed separately.

If a person is cold and rigid, he feels within himself as if he were in a grave. How does this birth of the soul express itself? Their quest takes them through seven valleys in the first of which a hundred difficulties assail them.

Information about Attar’s life is rare and scarce.

Pass beyond shadows to Reality. This answer at first cast them into despair, but afterwards, imitating the moth which seeks certain faariduddin in the flame of the lamp, they persisted in their request to be admitted to the presence of the Simurgh. His fariduddkn tried to rouse him out of his perilous state, but in vain. In his choice and narration of edifying and memorable stories, he shows a distinctive taste of his own.