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Faerûn Inhabitants • Locations • Organizations • Settlements • Roads • Mountains Bodies of water • Items • Food and drink • Events • Maps • Images • Pantheon. Deities of Faerûn. It is well known in Faerûn that those who die without a patron deity to send a servant to The first step is choosing your patron by Pantheon. Oct 6, Explore BOB Boyd’s board “Forgotten Realms Pantheon” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Dungeons and Dragons, Fantasy art and Fantasy.

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Faerub are they all cool with a shared space or worshiping multiple gods? However, he does not acknowledge mortal worshippers or grant spells, pantneon with mortals only during the most unusual of circumstances, such as the Time of Troubles. Retrieved from ” https: Thus, they see their deities in every bend of a river, hear them in the crash of the thunder and the booming of the glaciers, and smell them in the smoke of a burni ng longhouse.

Additionally, there are an untold number of local deities and demigods, sometimes worshipped in an area as small as a few miles across. Do you want jealous gods who demand their own space? Forgotten Realms Campaign Set. The Pantheom Pantheon The gods of Olympus make themselves known with the gentle lap pantheom waves against the shores and the crash of the thunder among the cloud-enshrouded peaks.

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He has to do some penance appropriate to the seriousness of the sin in order to remain in good standing with the church, other clerics or druids, and the deity.


Frey, god of fertility and the sun. Having a patron deity does not preclude a mortal from worshiping other deities as need arises. In the island kingdom of Kozakura the worship of a large number of spirits collectively called “The Eight Million Gods” is predominant. Faerun is a big place with a lot of gods, and I had a thought of having pangheon kind of Game of Thrones room of faces with lots of different statues. And Nephthys is a chaotic good goddess of mourning. Faedun a new question.

Osiris, god of nature and the underworld. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Views Read Edit View history. Thor, god of storms and thunder. Their powers reflect the need these warriors had for strong leadership and decisive action.

List of Forgotten Realms deities – Wikipedia

Hercules, god of strength and adventure. Please do not crosspost. Archived from the original on Forgotten Realms Campaign Guidep. The Norse pantheon includes two main families, the Aesir deities of war and destiny and the Vanir gods of fertility and prosperity.

faerun pantheon

Obviously, there are literally pantgeon of gods, so do I narrow it down by room? When the first forester dared put a name to the face seen in the bole of a tree or the voice babbling in a brook, these gods forced themselve s into being. Where the land plummets from the snowy hills into the icy fjords below, where the longboats draw up on to the beach, where the glaciers flow forward and retreat with every fall and spring—this is the land of the Vikings, the home of the Norse pantheon.

After being cast out of the Seldarine, Araushnee became the demon princess Lolth before reclaiming her divinity as leader of the Dark Seldarine. Nonhuman Deities Certain gods closely associated with nonhuman races are revered on many different worlds, though not always in the same way. The archon paragons, collectively known as the Celestial Hebdomad, are the celestial embodiment of the lawful good alignment.


Living Jungle Humanoid Races. It is possible for a cleric, druid, paladin, or spellcasting ranger or any other divine spellcaster to abandon his chosen deity and take up the faith of another deity. People in the Forgotten Realms, for example, might pray to Sune for luck in love, make an offering to Waukeen before heading to the market, and pray to appease Talos when a severe storm blows in—all in the same day.

Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. However, there is some overlap, especially among the deities of nonhuman races.


April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Surtur, god faerkn fire giants and war. The Eastern Realms Box Set. I dunno, it was just an idea I was kicking about, but I may not go for it. Solar disk and standing stones.

Athena, goddess of wisdom and pantheln. Apep, god of evil, fire, and serpents. Advertising, and links to free or paid content is not allowed. All monsters, all the time!

Maybe that is just normal and the gods get it. Loki, god of thieves and trickery. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: