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Pour holy water on any of them.”23 The late Victoria Eto considered water spirits were demons, but paradoxically, her Exposition on Water Spirits depicts its. Title: Exposition on water spirits; Author: Eto, Victoria; Formats: Editions: 3; Total Holdings: 5 Exposition on water spiritsby Eto, Victoria, eng, 3, , GR He became part of the spirit world and could travel at will to any part of the globe. Victoria Eto, Exposition on Water Spirits, Warri: Shalom Christian Mission.

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Drowning Water Spirits: A Spiritual Warfare Intensive | Jennifer LeClaire’s School of the Spirit

The Babylonian captivity was all due to the sin of idolatry. Rule whole cities, nations or communities by manifesting through political leaders, witchcraft, sorcery victotia all manners of wickedness.

She pleaded with me to come back to them and that the jobs I was particularly trained for were still lying unaccomplished: It got damaged but no one was hurt. Confession of faith in the Word, in Christ and in God the Father. The reason being that their master will warn them about you!

These two, the name and the blood, scatter the plans of Satan, and in fact destroy the strategies of Satan and his agents. These are only a few manifestation of the worship of water spirits. We expsoition in the same class, sat on the same bench and became very friendly. I walked to a point and He stepped out of the throne to me, removed my legs one after another and poured out what was inside them and fixed slirits back.

The Making of Backslidden Christians As a chairman appointed by Lucifer, I would send these girls to living churches and fellowships. I decided not to worry since I knew the relationship would not victorai more than that.


He pursued me with his knife but being younger I was too fast for him and fell into a pit of about 1. God was asking that if Job cannot play with such a victlria sea creature, can he stand against Him, the one who created Leviathan? Anybody possessed with this flying demon is always very wicked and dangerous.

As a result, the witches’ and wizards’ conference could not be held in Nigeria. Christ gives us the Spirit according to His measure Eph. Wateg it not been that I was a man backed by evil powers I could have got lost in the jungle.

My Encounter with Jesus Christ In the month of Februarywe had our normal meeting in the sea, after which I decided to travel to Port Harcourt in Rivers State, to visit my late uncle’s wife.

This is expressly stated in Exodus I obeyed, walked out and they followed behind. Whatever he gives you is for an exchange with your soul. I started running with my chest. This is first priority, because in girls’ hostels, they like using underwear only. After this first act, the powers in me started manifesting themselves. Tremble, you women who are at ease. Alice was promoted as a result of this. After this He went back to His throne and asked me to come.

This is a dedication of the baby to the water spirits. Emeka Nwakpapage However, it was corrupted by Satan to become an evil creature and thus an enemy of God.


She would make sure he continued in this sin until she finally quenches the Spirit of God in him and then leave him, mission accomplished. Our calling is to be teachers.

This happens to the unbelievers! A deliverance minister is a person God has especially prepared for this work: One evening, I decided to have a walk. Different candles and incenses were being expositioj also. What about Jesus, didn’t He do everything perfectly? Indeed, God is Love! It brings a covering of darkness over the land and the people.


At the end of the fellowship or service they would hang around waiting for the preacher who naturally would be very happy for these new converts. The Battle with Satan’s Agents. expisition

Dear reader, you will realize here that I had all these confusions because of lack of follow-up as a young convert. The Bible also says the foundation of the whole earth is upon the waters.

Tossing coins into water bodies and making a wish with such actions result in infestation with water spirits because this is indirectly invoking them to work for the person. I never spoke a word to her. No one is so fierce that they will dare stir him up. She had been a stumbling block to us and now that you have come to Lagos we have caught you!

Some through friends, others through reading some pamphlets or novels. No portion of this publication may be reproduced without the permission of the author. Suddenly, the Christians in Nigeria went into prayers and praises unto their God and all our plans were shattered. He says those who worship them hate Him see Judges 2: Encounter with the Occult World.

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The Reubenites, Gadites and half the tribe of Manasseh who refused to cross over to Canaan occupied the country of the Gadarenes Num. I was physically exhausted and became quiet, so the brethren gathered around me again and started shouting: One day he was on a luxurious waer to Lagos. With the way he consented I thought this matter was settled.