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Adnan Oktar (born Ankara, ), also known by his pen name Harun Yahya, is a prominent advocate of Islamic creationism in the creation-evolution debate. The Evolution Deceit has ratings and 78 reviews. Im too lazy to write down true review so in a nutshell:Harun Yahya demolish the Theory of Evolution,all. A CRITIQUE OF SELECTED PORTIONS OF HARUN YAHYA’S THE EVOLUTION DECEIT 1 INTRODUCTION In April Harun Yahya published the first.

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The reason for his analogies becomes apparent. This dceit a common practice among creationists. However there are bacteria which use right handed forms as well. Evolutionists claimed that it was the transitional form proving the transition of this fish from water to land. It had short powerful forelimbs and larger robust hindlimbs with robust tail vertebrae.

The discovery, in the s, of the DNA molecule, which incorporates genetic information, threw the theory of evolution into a great crisis, because the origin of the immense amount of information in DNA could not possibly be explained by coincidental happenings. I have managed to track down some of his original sources I could not find at the time. Scientific evidence refutes Darwinism comprehensively and reveals that the origin of our existence is not evolution but creation.

The Evolution Deceit by Harun Yahya is Blind Ignorance – Musings & Analysis

It is now appropriate to examine whole organisms and how he deals with the origin of species. Evolutionists seized upon the model of punctuated equilibrium with the hope of concealing this great fossil fiasco. The second point is the probability of formation of a protein molecule is vanishingly small.


A living cell maintains itself with the harmonious co-operation of many organelles. His other claim that the spark would destroy the reaction products is self-contradictory.

The Evolution Deceit by Harun Yahya is Blind Ignorance

This selection of variation tracks gradual changes in environment and eventually results in new species forming. Unlike haemoglobin it can bind oxygen in the presence of the high levels of carbon monoxide around these vents allowing them to survive where invertebrates using haemoglobin or haemocyanin would struggle evolutionn die.

These include such diverse animals as deer, pigs, giraffes, camels, goats, sheep and cattle. God has created the universe, all living things and man.

The point emerges that if we examine the fossil record in detail, whether at the level of orders or of species, we find — over and over again — not gradual evolution, but the sudden explosion of one group at the expense of another. A further modification to the ears was a reduction in the semicircular canals which control balance.

Evolution is on some ways similar to this. Of course Darwin did not really consider the evolution of the eye absurd as the rest of the paragraph shows: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Therefore the cell must have been designed. For instance, they said that the first bird in history could all of a sudden inexplicably have popped out of a reptile egg.

Where this is not possible secondary printed sources are used. Modern ceataceans commonly have and increased number of finger bones. This does not mean that the protein will be useless biologically; it could perform a different but equally vital function in the same organism or another organism.


Evolution is a theory. In fact Fred Hoyle was not writing about the origin of the cell he was writing about the origin of complex proteins used in the cell.

The Evolution Deceit: The Scientific Collapse of Darwinism and its Ideological Background

The same theory also held that carnivorous land-dwelling animals could have turned into giant whales, having undergone a sudden and comprehensive transformation.

Living organisms produce and rely on the left-handed form of complex organic molecules. Darwin was able to use them to do some truly elegant work including a major monograph on barnacles. Whales are blind to blue light deceih their terrestrial ancestor was as well.

He has been repeatedly caught out misrepresenting the work of scientists but continues to propagate the same false arguments. The much earlier Australian cicada while still identifiable as a cicada had a wing which did not permit the more sophisticated flight of modern cicadas.

Harun Yahya has one last twist in his tale of problems faced by the chemical building blocks of life. The bones of the limbs are also thickened, a characteristic of aquatic mammals that hahya bottom walkers or waders but do not swim. Their offspring would inherit their successful characteristics. We are not talking about a single event either. This ddeceit was in Turkish with the first English edition published in July He also showed his sympathy to Darwin by dedicating Das Kapital, which is considered as his greatest work, to him.