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Results – of Ética a Nicómaco: Traducción de Pedro Simón Abril (Spanish Edition) by Aristóteles and a Published by EDITORIAL GREDOS S.A. Ética a Nicómaco by Aristóteles and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now Published by Editorial Gredos, Madrid (). Results 1 – 30 of 75 ETICA A NICOMACO by ARISTÓTELES (Estagira, Macedonia a. de J.C. ) and a Published by Editorial Gredos, Madrid ().

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Leder realizes that one cannot remain in an endless state of interpretation, but that cases must be resolved. This end is healing.

It may be questionable to say that the patient is similar to a text that the doctor must interpret, but the truth is that the medical act, both in its clinical and ethical aspects, cannot be performed outside the narrative of the patient. But even if it were not, ncomaco is worth asking if all the voices mentioned are equally valid.

It is true that it pursues a good end, health, editorrial to this extent is part of phronesis. The patient is the one who desires health; the doctor, the individual who knows how to recover it.

This practical knowledge has a formative potential that is very useful in applied ethics, such as, for example, in the training of professionals with a humanist and not merely a technicalist sense The humanities have the ability to contribute to the integral formation of a person and we must not forget that, unlike the facere of technology, the whole being of a person participates in the agere of prudence.


The jurist is the person who knows what is due to each individual.

For Gadamer, training is, together with the sensus communisthe gredox for judgment and taste, one of the four basic elements of humanism. These factors are, primarily: For to nucomaco persons, as to the incontinent, knowledge brings no profit; but to those who desire and act in accordance with a rational principle knowledge about such matters will be of great benefit But it is not just about listening to the patient.

Εθνικό Κέντρο Βιβλίου / Greek books in translation

This theory takes into consideration four parameters 7: It is true, ut suprathat it is the patient who has to decide what is good in the x of their own health. Hermeneutics and the philosophy of medicine: In the field of the humanities, dialogue is grefos at the discovery of things. When Gadamer resorts to dialogue and the Socratic method of questioning as a way of moving towards truth, he does so on the basis of allowing things to surface and to assert themselves, when faced with the opinions and prejudices that dominate the individual But he warns that when it comes to politics – and here we could include ethics – a young man is not an appropriate student, since he has no experience of life.

Its contributions are particularly pertinent to clinical ethics, where patient and doctor seek to mutually understand one another in order to establish a determined care plan. The nature and dignity of the human person as the foundation of the right to life: However, this approach is not especially practical. February 14, ; Accepted: It tries to reach an agreement and this is done remaking the way towards the subject.


The present work analyzes the contribution of the hermeneutical edihorial to clinical ethics, particularly in relation to decision making in the field. After all, training requires memory a type of selective memory and memory is one of the parts of prudence In fact, through dialogue, the doctor — or the patient — is able to understand the motives of the patient — or the doctor — and, through this understanding, question their own motives, discovering the prejudices that have given rise to them.

As can be imagined, it provides only indications on how to make decisions. Therefore, one cannot understand another if one does not understand the world. It is also not clear how it is proposed to move from careful listening to practice. The problem of interpretation As Gadamer points out, health is a hidden concept. That is why conscientious objection is so important. As such, through practicing justice, we become justice; virile, by practicing virility But agreement is always about something.


Princeton University Press; Some notes on the contribution of the narrative approach to the decision making process in healthcare ethics, pro manuscripto: Toward a hermeneutical bioethics. In his view, there is a basis for overcoming subjectivity, which is the shared tradition. He must relate the text to this situation, if he wants to understand at all As Gadamer points out, health is a hidden concept.