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This book explores the similar attitudes and methods behind modern society’s treatment of animals and the way humans have often treated each other, most. Eternal Treblinka. Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust. Charles Patterson. This book explores the similar attitudes and methods behind modern. Parallels between our treatment of nonhuman animals and humans One of the values of Eternal Treblinka is that it places the Nazi Holocaust within a larger.

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Lantern Books; 1st Edition edition February Language: I do get these problems. Learn treatnent about Amazon Prime. Parallels between our treatment of nonhuman animals and humans considered to be less than human is what this harrowing book is about.

If this book is about the holocaust nobody wants to talk about, why is it in 16 languages? Why do we praise technology for developing substitutes for cruder practices in other areas of life while balking at its use to eliminate slaughterhouses, which technology can do?

Showing of 48 reviews. In Warsaw, people brought chickens, ducks, and geese to be slaughtered. Richard Twine – – Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 28 6: Tisina ohrabruje mucitelja, nikad onog koji je mucen. Primo Levi and Humanism After Auschwitz: Ships from and sold treatemnt Amazon. One of the best books I’ve ever read, while also being one of the toughest concepts I’ve ever had to grasp.


The second part Chapters examines the industrialization of slaughter of both animals and humans that took place in modern times. One writes to his wife: To view such parallels as an insult to humankind merely illustrates its thesis. If it is in fact wrong to kill and mistreat animals, then doing it for personal gain will make it more wrong, not less so.

Well, you know who else ate meat? I like meat, I like the taste, I need the nutrients, I require the protein, I do not want to give it up, it should be my choice.

And your soy and quinoa farms aren’t having any better effect on the planet for the most part.

I know this book has incredible potential to be extremely polarizing, considering that the title alone is drawing a metaphor between animal suffering and the Holocaust, a comparison that is pretty controversial and more than a little condemning, and that condemnation is not without merit.

Instead, I think it cultivates greater understanding of intersectionality, and sheds light on or all too often ignored oppression, that of eternap treatment of animals. Like Singer’s collected works, Eternal Treblinka is what Singer called “a deep protest against the killing and torturing of the helpless.

Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust: a book

A lot of things I didn’t know in here from Henry Ford’s antisemitism to the eugenics in the US and how it all influenced Hhe and the Nazi’s. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. There are several excellent nutritionally-balanced vegan pet foods available in the US and abroad. In the chapter entitled “This Boundless Slaughterhouse,” we see the Jewish communities of Poland through the eyes of Isaac Bashevis Singerwho grew up in a Polish village, where his father was a Hasidic rabbi, before emigrating to America in Charles Patterson is a writer, editor, therapist, historian, animal advocate, and award-winning author of ten books.


There are several ex An excellent book. Since downers impede stockyard and slaughterhouse operations, workers usually leave them where they fall or drag them out of the way until they can deal with them later. I doubt this review will be read much, or spark a discussion, but I’ll be happy to be surprised. A Jewish Philosopher’s Response to the Holocaust. Jan 14, Rick rated it really liked it. Environmental Standards Lantern is honored to be a recipient of the highest standard in environmentally responsible publishing from the Green Press Initiative.

Dec 09, Misha Fredericks rated it really liked it.

Eternal Treblinka

Mar 03, Get X Serious rated it really liked it. In this respect, the persecuted Jewish communities were no different from their persecutors. Eternal Treblinka thus raises questions, and we long for answers. Refresh and try again.